2 Days Left!


Originally published at: http://onemanleft.com/2017/08/2-days-left/

Time is running out for the Hex Gambit Kickstarter! Huge thank you again to everyone that backed this project in any capacity, we’re extremely excited to have garnered so much support for our return to turn-based strategy. We’re SO close to unlocking that House Rules stretch goal; if you know of any holdouts or feel comfortable adding a few dollars to your pledge, every little bit can help push us over the top!

Spread the word in person, on social media, or on reddit: let everyone know that this is their ONLY chance to lock down free DLC for life, grab that cool legendary crystal pillar skin, and even become one of the few and proud chrome minion players on planet earth.


I can’t wait to make 5000 VP 20y timeout games


No House Rules :frowning:


It was at $14,862 a few hours ago, looks like some people backed out at the last minute too.

But congrats to OML on a successful Kickstarter!


Thanks guys! Yeah, backers are easy come, easy go apparently. We’re grateful for everything we got.