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Sort of left you hanging on Hex Gambit details this week, but for good reason! We’ve decided to totally overhaul the UI I spent months designing to better accommodate our console version. That means we’ll have big, beautiful, readable text with less screen clutter, but it also means I’m reeling to get these improvements done fast in time for Early Access next month. Didn’t have a chance to capture new video this week, sorry guys!

All of our character animation and move effects are finally ready for Alex to hook up. All I had for the Brute and Motivator in time for Kickstarter was that epic shout and some heavy breathing. I can’t wait to finally see everybody bouncing around the map and blowing each other up!

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Is console version played on Multi-touch capacitive touch screen / 6.2-inch LCD Screen / 1280 x 720 or on 1080p television ?


You can play it on both, but I think you still need a controller when using the built-in screen.


We’re designing for 1 Joy-Con per player right now. For 2v2 matches, we’d also like to support controller passing for those of us without a set of 4.

Controls weren’t explained on Kickstart, but I found this OML comment. So I assume that on PC game pads are supported, too. And my guess is that touch interface will not be supported at all. Too bad.
I was hoping that tiny screen resolution would have kept the mobile port open, if Hex Gambit will be Steam success.


As an update to that, we’ve now got a scheme for one PAIR of Joy Cons per player that feels a lot nicer, with Pass and Play used when you don’t have more controllers. We’re thinking about avoiding the touchscreen at the moment (since you can’t use it when the console is docked, and we’d have to sink some extra time into designing and testing those interactions), but obviously all of this is still up in the air. The Switch version won’t be tested/worked on in earnest until we get over the Early Access hump.


Sounds like something awesome you could jot up to send in a Kickstarter update mail :slight_smile:
Been 3 weeks since the last update, some people may get anxious about the survey. I know it’s bothersome and time consuming but regular communication is key to keep the masses happy, they barely visit these forums I would suppose. If it wasn’t for your blog post updates I’d probably be wondering what’s happening. :thinking:


I was surfing social media too see if I could find HG and there were some people that seemed skeptical of Kickstarter campaigns as a whole, claiming that they wouldn’t be surprised if the devs never actually shipped a game out and just stole people’s money. I think they’re very extreme, but communication would probably be a good idea