America v Eurasia Turn 14




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How are we doing on time?

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We’re OK on time, I checked earlier today and it still said “1 day”. Probably about 2 days now.


Warp runner to I10 then. Give us a screenshot of the new information.


So, looks like they had a J5 boosted soldier, moved it to G4, then built another boosted soldier and moved to J5. Not sure at this time, but does this mean they do not have a mobi?


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So I went back to turn 10 to try and guess their moves.

At the beginning of turn 9, they had 8 wits. We know that they used 2, leaving them with 6 unaccounted for wits. We guessed that they spawned a soldier, boosted it and moved it to J5. This would leave them with 2 wits free.

On their turn 11, we know that they used 4 wits of the potential starting 9. That left them with 5 wits left. We now know that they have a 4HP soldier on the center wit, so they probably used 1 more wit to move the soldier, giving them 4 wits left. I think at most, they would’ve spawned another runner on the right side and moved it leaving 2 extra wits. So anywhere from 2-4 free wits here.

All moves on turn 13 were in the FOW, and we’re guessing that they built a mobi. They could’ve had a potential 11 wits free at the start of their turn 13. 7 for mobi leaving 4, and maybe buff/move mobi leaving them 2 wits free.

If these are true, then they probably don’t have anything more than a 4HP heavy, 4HP soldier, 2HP runner, 3HP(?) Mobi, and a medic, with 2 free wits for their next turn.

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Based upon what we knew and what we guessed, it looks like they don’t have a mobi. So their turn 13 probably was to create a soldier, boost and move to J5. That’s 4 wits out of a potential 11, leaving them 7 free. We know they didn’t make anything on the left side, so my guess is that they’re banking a ton of wits? Either that or they have a 3rd soldier unbuffed up top hidden somewhere…
Thinking some more. At the beginning of turn 9, we know that they had 8 wits. So from turn 9 to 13, that’s 2 more turns @ 7 wits each giving them a total of 23 total wits for those 3 turns.

We can account for the following wits out of 23:

(2 wits) move to take out runner/sniper from turn 9.
Buffed soldier on center wit costs (5 wits).
Buffed soldier on J5 costs (4 wits).
(4 wits) to kill our soldier.
(1 wit) to move L5 runner to I5.

That’s a total of 16 used wits out of a possible 23. While they have 7 left, I don’t think it’s possible to break down the turns so that it works out that they spawn a mobi on turn 13.


Thanks lawtai, very helpful. I plan to do my own analysis using the replay, to see if I can divine their activities based on the “sneak” icon. Maybe this evening.


I really, really need to stop skipping the replay in all my games.


Interesting lawtai.

My guess is they did bank 7 wits, and they intend to build a mobi next turn and get it into the action immediately.

This means our mobi where it is currently positioned is safe, but our I9 medic is not. They are preparing for a strong attack, probably on the right side to support their mobi when they build it. I believe they intend to push on our right side with mobisnipers and boosted soldiers to guard them.

We need to boost our J9 soldier. And we need to think about how we want to protect our A4 wit tile from harassment next turn. We may want to move another boosted runner into position on A4 right now. That’ll give us a heads up as to what they’re doing on the left side, if anything, next turn.

Also- GG, could you edit your newest post with the screenshot of the top left from your previous post, such that both vision screenshots are in the same post? It’d be helpful to see both visions side by side.


Yes, I think if they have 7 wits at the end of their turn, they banked them rather than spawn a mobi and end turn. Keeps them flexible. Only reason they would spawn the mobi and leave at spawn is if they feel the need to build 2 units on right spawn across 2 turns, but I don’t think they would feel this need.

That being said, if they were going to wait until next turn to get a mobi, I would guess that they dipped into their reserve 7 wits and build something else this turn, perhaps a soldier or runner on left. -EDIT: Nope, we already know they built nothing on left this turn, unless it was a runner and they moved it to H3, which seems…unlikelyish.[hr]
If we decide that they do not have an advanced mobi, I propose that we build a soldier left, boost, move to D7 and end turn banking two wits.[hr]
Gavin- done.


I’m ok with moving a boosted soldier to D7 rather than making another scout on the left side. I still think we should boost our J9 soldier though. I’m worried about a mobi sniper killing our J9 soldier if we don’t boost him. And as long as our medic is on I9, we should take advantage of it.

We’d bank 1 wit instead of 2.


A thought: move soldier to C6 instead of D7 so it is out of vision range of the I5 runner.[hr]

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So, looks like they had a J5 boosted soldier, moved it to G4, then built another boosted soldier and moved to J5. Not sure at this time, but does this mean they do not have a mobi?

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Bringing this to the next page for convenience (I display 50 posts per page, and so should you! pro move.)


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Bringing this to the next page for convenience (I display 50 posts per page, and so should you! pro move.)

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I do 20 and find that to be a pain to scroll through on my phone if I want to get to the bottom…


So with 6 wits left, how about the following:

-Boost right soldier (1)
-Spawn soldier on left spawn (2)
-Boost soldier (1)
-Move soldier to either C6. (1)

Bank 1 wit.


Is there any advantage than can be articulated in moving soldier to c6 instead of d7 aside from the runner vision? Is there something we would potentially need to do from d7 that couldn’t be done from c6?


D7 is more useful positioning, certainly. One thing is that C6 is in range of the heavy, but not sure we care. It’s a question of the utility lost from D7 to C6, compared to the utility gained by leaving 4 wits ambiguous. I’m not necessarily sold either way, just bringing it up as an option. I am concerned about the middle.[hr]
Really, the question is - how important is it that the soldier can hit a unit on G5/H5/H6.


If we’re worried about the center, then we should go with D7, though with them likely to not have a mobi on the map, I doubt they’ll be pushing that much this turn, but would allow us to do more in the middle?


I’m leaning towards C6. Being in range of their heavy may confuse them as to our true intentions.


To be thorough and make sure they don’t have a mobi in play, I did the same wit analysis that lawtai did but using the replay. Here are my findings:

They begin turn 9 with 8 wits, so across turn 9, 11, and 13 they have 22 wits to play with. We know they spent the following

Turn 9:
2 wits to kill runner and sniper

Turn 9 or 11:
4 wits to build a boosted soldier on right, move it

Turn 11:
4 wits to kill 4 hp soldier with heavy and spawned left runner

Turn 11 or 13:
4 wits to build a boosted soldier on right, move it
1 wit to move 4 hp solder to wit space
1 wit to move 2 hp runner to I5

For a sum of 16, meaning they have only 6 wits unaccounted for. They could not possibly have a mobi. lawtai, you were exactly right except I don’t think they have 23 wits across 3 turns, they have 22! 7*3+1


Ah ok, yea I must’ve confused myself with the 2 numbers from Turn 9 and 8 wits. So they have 6 wits saved and no mobi.


Or they spawned something else that we don’t know about