America v Eurasia Turn 14


If they didn’t save the 6 wits for a mobi next turn, they probably built another boosted soldier.


I think we’re still leaning towards these remaining moves:

-Boost right soldier (1)
-Spawn soldier on left spawn (2)
-Boost soldier (1)
-Move soldier to either C6. (1)

Regardless of if they’ve saved 6 wits or have another buffed soldier hidden, I don’t think would change our decisions any?


I don’t think our move changes.

I’m assuming they banked 6 wits.


Yes I think it’s unlikely they spawned another soldier on right. In any case, though, we should expect them to have a mobi next turn, since we are not being aggressive this turn.


So, I think I’m fine with:

Boost right soldier
Spawn soldier left
Move left soldier to c6
Bank 1 wit



Yes from me.


We were at 4 days, I played the move.


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We were at 4 days, I played the move.

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Nice. And now we wait.


Its been four days


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Its been four days

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Nope, still says 2 days as of right now!