America v Eurasia Turn 20


So, they did the following:

Move runner (1)
Spawn sniper (3)
Kill c3 soldier (1)
SOMETHING UNKNOWN (I estimate that this was probably only a single action, no more than 2 actions, due to duration of FOW icon)
Move 2 hp runner and end turn.

Discuss our move.


They acted predictably. Looks like one option we have is picking off their moved 1hp runner with our runner, and then warping him back to safety.

If we wanted to get a little crazy, we could kill their runner with our runner, move our mobi to B4, build and warp a sniper to C4, and kill their 2hp runner on F3. We would lose our runner and sniper, but we would have our mobi cleanly in range of their base next turn, with an opportunity to drop our 5hp heavy off and attack the base or doing something else on the left side while simultaneously advancing on the center.


So we think that they started with 8 wits. We know that they used at least 6. Maybe they also warped the sniper away to safety?

I think we should take out their runner first. If their sniper is gone Gavin’s plan would work really well. If not, we could probably still use his sniper idea but could think through other options.


I doubt they warped their sniper over, but if they did… we could force a win in 2 turns.


I say you go ahead and move our runner up to take out their runner. We can see what’s up there and then finish deciding the rest of our turn.


Ok, are we agreed that first move is to move runner blindly to c3? I think that’s a pretty safe bet, seems unlikely that they warped it away.


Maybe they moved their mobi closer to the middle cuz they see us building up our forces in the middle area


I’m okay with moving the runner up in the blind, but it seems that B4 is likely unsafe for our Mobi. What if they moved their sniper down one hex? They’d be able to capture our Mobi, no?

Of course, we’ll know this after moving our runner up.


Move the runner. Post screenshot.


We are really screwing them with meta-game. :slight_smile:


Ok, definitely kill their runner. Is it worth following up sniping their 2hp runner? That may be too bold… But it would make them spend wits on the left side. But if we don’t have a well thought out follow up, it’s probably not the best move.


We still have 2 unaccounted for wits. Possibly something happened on the right, or they banked 2 wits.

Last we knew, their mobi was on K3, do we think that they would’ve moved their mobi to L5? If they had, does that change anything for us? Or what if they moved their mobi to H3? If their mobi is now on H3, that would really threaten our attack on the left. If we moved our mobi to B4, it’s within sniping distance of a mobi+sniper attack.

Problem is, if we want to use Gavin’s move is that we can’t scout anymore to still be able to pull off the sniper attack on the 2HP runner.


If we think sniping their 2hp scout is too aggressive (it probably is), we could just recall our scout and build another soldier on the right side for defense. We’d probably want to heal our 3hp soldier that is currently sitting on the spawn tile.

I feel like we erred. Instead of building a soldier on the right side last turn, we should have built another scout on the left to move to our left side wit tile (perhaps in addition to the E12 scout we already moved). That would have forced them to move their sniper out of position, and we might’ve been able to mount a successful attack on the left side of their base. But now, with their sniper where it is, it’s hard for us to immediately get something going on that side.


Yes perhaps we should have focused more on pressuring left. But that soldier is hardly wasted, since an assault on right is imminent as soon as we let up pressure on left. I am still toying with the idea of sniping the 2 hp runner…need to give it some more thought.


The sniping the 2hp runner only works well I think if they don’t have their mobi on H3. If it’s on H3, they’d be able to take out our mobi and our sniper without much risk to their mobi+sniper. Problem is we can’t scout H3 so we’d have to hope that they didn’t move their mobi there. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk at this point?


I doubt they moved their mobi to H3. But even if they didn’t, what do we gain from sniping their 2hp runner? Our runner and sniper would die trivially. We’d have an advanced mobi, but what is our followup?


Yes I suppose you are right.

So, what about this:

Kill runner (0)
Warp left runner back to C7 (1)
Move soldier sitting on right spawn to I10 (1)
Boost I10 soldier (1)
Spawn soldier right (2)
end turn, banking 1 wit[hr]
Very conventional turn…I wonder if we would regret it. Well, one thing is that they could do the same thing we did to the heavy to our 4 hp soldier sitting on J9. But I’m not sure what can be done about that. I suppose they can’t be too aggressive since we are still having a presence on left, and as far as they know we advanced a runner on left to take out the sniper.


Why not warp the runner to E8? It gives us vision of H3? Granted they could then kill the runner, but is that worth it for them?

I don’t really have any issues with your moves, but it seems like the left side is wide open for us to take advantage of somehow.


A runner on E8 won’t give vision of H3, its 6 spaces away from E8[hr]
A runner on D6 can


I don’t like giving them the option of killing the runner and warping away, unless we force them to use their warp in some other way. I mean, we could move the 2 hp runner to the wit space or something to threaten the sniper, force them to use their warp on the sniper. But, not sure we get enough value out of the e8 runner to make the wit worth it. The 2 hp runner would be able to hit the base and warp away, but probably they would block our back to the base.