America vs Eurasia Turn 2


Well they started the game and here is what we know so far:

Wits used: ??
Wits left: ??

Perhaps Mag!cguy can help me with how to post screenshots. But anyway, we couldn’t see yet what they did on turn 1, except of course for occupying the wit space.

I’m thinking of putting a poll to decide which is the better move. So far, are the following the only options?

  1. Spawn a soldier, heal, and place in front of medic.
  2. Spawn a runner (to where)?

Please send in your comments ASAP :slight_smile:


Up to you guys
My move would be runner to wit space and post screenshot to decide what to do next


i think it depends on how we plan to play.
both have different advantages so lets pick according to what would suit our plan better in the long run
and or what we think would best go against our opponents plan.


yes, runner or not both have advantage and hard to say which one is better. who knows?

Since P1 has unit advantage, if we spawn a runner in our first turn, it will enlarge their advantage. However, I prefer to take risk to spawn a runner as feedback no matter it is on bonus or not.


I think rather than a poll for each move it should be the captains call - take all the input and ideas and make which ever play you think is best.


— Begin quote from ‘Torbreck’ pid=‘55375’ dateline=‘1373256291’

I think rather than a poll for each move it should be the captains call - take all the input and ideas and make which ever play you think is best.

— End quote

agree! captain has right to make the final decision.


I general start with the runner to witspace too. don’t like to play in the dark on small maps, especially against feedback.


If we do the runner opening and we see they did the sniper opening, we will really regret it, and we are gonna be the defender during all the game. If it’s not the case, well obviouly it’s nice. So, there are 1/2 chances that this opening is good.

If we do the soldier opening, we are very safe against an opening that has actually way more than 50% of chances to happen, then we get a runner at turn 4: if we see a sniper we are happy, and if they did something else it doesn’t matter at all, we aren’t disavdantaged because of the opening. So, there are 2/2 chances this opening is good.

The choice isn’t hard to me. :wink:


I must say that the soldier opening has my back.


Ok then I think the runner opening is OK. Besides, with a ton of wits, we would be ready with a scrambler at any time I suppose.

I think G2 and C6 are both viable as runner spots. Where do you guys think it is best to spawn the sniper? (to determine the most amount of information from them?)

By the way, I have a strong feeling that their first move is to spawn a runner, heal it with a medic, and then send the runner to E8.

P.S. Is the only way to post a picture, to use an image-hosting site? I always thought we could attach pictures straight from my iPad.


We can’t attach pictures from the iPad. i use photobucket.[hr]
i hope you guys dont mind. i really cant keep up without constantly looking at the coordinated map.
and its a bit hard going back and forth through the threads to check on my ipad


You can open the image on a new tab if you tap and hold on it.

Anyways, you can upload attachments on an iPad (at least on iOS 6.x, not sure about 5), but I think that’s turned off on this subforum (can’t do it from PC either). Definitely use Photobucket if you wanna keep your screenies longer that 2 weeks.

Personally, i kinda want to keep C6 available for a potential soldier-scrambler threat to the wit space. I’d opt for F3 instead (boost runner, heavy on wit space).


Gfish is right about the soldier scrambler combo at C6

We can’t put the heavy on the wit space though it’s an easy target for their scrambler their and we would have to waste at least one wit relocating the heavy if we suspect the scrambler

And if we move the heavy to wit space then move the scout then that is two wits consumed

runner to wit space is only one wit consumed so I choose that


Runner to wit space it is.

Buff it first? Or leave it at 1HP?


at 1 would be my choice then screenshot please to decide what to do next


I think 1hp should be enough, and also now we can boost the heavy which is always good.


Ok I spawned the runner to the wit space, and this is what we see:

Apparently, I may be right in assuming they spawned a buffed runner to their wit space. If this is indeed the case, then they have the following for turn 1:

Wits Used: 4
Wits Left: 1
Wits Next Turn: 7


Buffing their runner is a weird move and probably a bad one

Do you think they’re bluffing?

We must buff the heavy next but before we do that

There’s a possible move but I’m not sure if it is worth wasting a wit

That is soldier to C6
What do you guys think?


Okay good, their opening is rly weird!

I say move medic to D3 and buff heavy, and that’s it. Why do you wanna di this blckace? :slight_smile:


OK first of all we know they didn’t spawn a sniper which is already good. Now about the buffed runner, I’m not sure if they actually boosted it or decided to save that wit but if you ask me I think they did it.
Also I think there is a big chanse they think we are going on a sniper in turn 2 so keep it in mind.