America vs Eurasia Turn 6


I thought about option D too and in adittion I think we can move the medic to F4 to hill scrambled units or heavy to F4 for extra firepower.
Now if I need to choose over option I’m choosing A, it’s seems very aggressive and solid to me.


Ok, now I get the whole killing the medic idea. My only concern is that we’ll probably get on a serious unit disadvantage if we proceed to attack.

Option D won’t work, soldier on D8 means it’s in range of our scrambler to kill it, D9 means they can scramble it savely on E9.


Option C for me.


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No offence on anybody, just so you know that, but when I suggest something, I would like that you guys at least consider it instead of just blatantly ignoring it. Just because I’m not a ST, doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad, and just because some random ST suggested something else, doesn’t mean it’s automatically better.

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we are not or we wont ignore your idea because we are working as a team.:wink: To take out the medic may not the best, but we don’t know what they did last turn. trade a medic with a runner that can see more in this map. as poweewee said, after we are taking out their medic, we see more, then we can prepare for our turn. There still have 50% didnt spawn a scrambler last turn, they might only spawn a soldier and boosted it which can save up wits for spawning a scrambler when they needed.


not that its worth much but i dont think they spawned a scrambler.


I’m for option C aswell :slight_smile: (“What? Magic plays safe?”) :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not in favour of taking out medic as (assuming they use a scrambler) it will hand them a unit advantage and on single spawn maps, that can be as important as wit count. (If they have a scrambler they will use it, if not they will likely get one and use it so same result). We also give up our one runner that is giving us vision.

My preference is still for B, but if not then C


If we’re not going to attack from the side, I’m gonna say option C.


Reading all your comments, I think I would go with option C as well. If we do this, do we place the soldier on E5 or E4?

By the way, some other suggestions:

  1. Spawn a buffed scrambler to E5 and then move the heavy to F4. This way we could threaten their units with our scrambler.
  2. Spawn a scrambler, buff, and leave it on the spawn point. We could play games with the other team by mimicking their move. :slight_smile:

We are on three days already, so I’d like to hear from you guys really soon.


I dont really like the idea of spawning a scrambler without a solid plan set up.
i would prefer the 7-9 wits used in spawning, positioning and/or buffing the scrambler to be more liquid, preferably in its raw wit form. Haha.
But im not really very good with feedback so im inclined to agree if you think otherwise as most of you have more experience than me.


So, go for option C, E4 would be better if we don’t go aggressively because it can shell our medic.


For lack of better options, spawned a buffed soldier to E4 and ended the turn. :slight_smile:


Just a fun thought, maybe we shouldnt move our new spawned soldier, then they have to guess what we’ve spawned and boosted this turn:D :smiley: :smiley:


Yes that was what I was thinking. Maybe next turn :slight_smile: