America vs Eurasia Turn 8


It’s our turn. We know they did this much:

Spawn sniper (left or right spawn we don’t know)
Warp sniper
Kill our 2 hp sniper

That leaves 3-5 wits unaccounted for.

Here is what happened:

Current state of the game:

Our last best information on their unit placements, as of 2 turns ago:

Discuss our move.


I think we could take out the mobi and the sniper this turn. Move heavy up, kill sniper, move mobi to G9, warp sniper to G8 and hit mobi.

I think it would also be good to spawn a runner on J11 so that we can see what’s going on at the right of the map…


I do not think their mobi is still there.


True, that unit was already there, so it could have been moved.

How many “secret moves” were there, the black circle with the dude and the footsteps?


Yeah it’s not clear, but I will look again and see if anything can be divined. We could move E12 runner to H9 for vision. But, we should first use our assumptions from last turn and determine what their best move would have been, and plan accordingly. I think it’s feasible that they would attack on the right…also could have retreated/regrouped in center. Or both.


Well of course we need to take out that sniper in the center. Space I9 provides pretty good vision.
Or we could move our current runner to either G8 or H9.


The only way we can take out the sniper is with the heavy, right? Why don’t we do that and see if that tells us anything.


If we kill the sniper with our heavy, we can see if the Mobi is still there. If it is, we should move our Mobi to H9, teleport sniper to I9, and snipe their Mobi our Mobi would be protected that way.


But they could also be moving up the right side. Or at least putting soldiers on that side.


We have a spawn point right there. We could spawn a soldier protect the Mobi. Or spawn a runner first to see.


There is a 100% chance their mobi isn’t there anymore, they’re smart. My guess is they rearranged their units for an attack on the right side, so we need to focus on defending that side.


So we need to spawn a runner to see and move our Mobi to the right to prepare?

Is there a rush we could do? Like if we buff our sniper and move our mobi up to F6 and teleport our sniper to G6 and shoot the base and move our heavy to G4, could they kill our sniper and Mobi?

They could spawn 2 runners and kill the sniper, then Mobi a sniper to kill our Mobi i guess.


If we want to use the heavy to take out the sniper, I think we should then attempt to really pressure their center. It might not be a bad idea to move the runner first though to G8 to give a good view of the area?


I don’t see the harm in moving that runner up in front of out mobi first thing.


Should we move the runner in front of the heavy or next to it?


We will have better side vision if we move the runner to H9. There, we could see the lower part of the Ms including wit space, to see what is on that side. Though we would not be able to see past G5/H4/I5 in the middle.

But if we put the runner on G8, we could see up to F3 and H3, though, we would only be able to see to the Ls, and would miss if they are hiding something in the Ms.

I think the better option right now is runner to H9 and then move on from there.[hr]
@@GG;; Where was the sniper Mobi’d from? We should have been able to see which hex it came from. (You can see which hex the unit comes from when it moves into vision)
I am wondering if it is a spawned sniper, or if it is the sniper from I3?


No you can’t. The Mobi was in the FoW. All he saw was that suddenly, the Mobi dropped a sniper right there. If there was a sneaky icon before that, either they moved a unit, spawned sniper, or they were stalling.


Ah ok. You are right. I just checked it with P&P. So…I guess we won’t really know unless we move the runner up somewhere.


Let’s build a runner on the right side first, move it to their wit tile and kill the scout on it. From there, we’ll analyze what to do next.


Something to consider: What if they moved their J6 soldier to K7, which is in range of base. They could potentially win on their next turn.

Been thinking about this…I don’t think they will have enough wits. But something we should consider since we only have 1 spawn to spend on right side. If it needs to be a sniper, for example, would be good to know that. I am kind of partial to moving runner to H9 for vision for this reason…thoughts?