Anyone playing


Hey guys, anyone playing Star Wars force arena, or mobile legends bang bang?

They are both really fun. Mobile legends is basically league of legends on the mobile minus the toxic community.

Star Wars force arena is a cross between a moba and a card game like clash royale. You control which minions you send and where by which cards you have in your hand. Also you have a hero character whoever you choose that you control all of the time.

Anyone playing either of these?


vainglory > mobile legends.

though i think vainglory is better suited for tablets than mobiles, while it’s vice versa for mobile legends


I do have both on my phone and vain glory is a little tougher but still playable. I actually had vg right when it came out but got rid of it after a few days because I preferred computer gaming at the time. Now that my computer is in a different room though I find i enjoy laying on the couch next to ash while she watches tv in the evenings more than being in another room in an office chair so mobile wins at the moment. I do play overwatch from time to time though. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest though I haven’t really played anything except breath of the wild since it came out. i haven’t played console games in ages but I have loved Zelda games since I was 5 playing it on the nes.