Avatars At Last


Originally published at: http://onemanleft.com/2017/10/avatars-at-last/

All of my early Outwitters UI designs allowed room for player avatars, but ultimately they never made it into the game. Not so for Hex Gambit! Your collection of avatar options will grow as you level up your player profile. Here’s our first batch of designs for Early Access (including some icons and characters you might recognize). If you have any requests, leave them in the comments. Maybe you’ll see them in the game some day!

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These are awesome! I’m excited to unlock as many as I can :smiley:

I also love that there’s a diamond and a wolf. You guys are great.


Gonna get that defender avatar :yum:


Team apple/cheese?
Also I love the wolf/diamond!!


I like the squid. I’d also request a mushroom (e.g, Veggies medic).


I fully support this :apple::cheese::apple::cheese::apple::cheese:


Came here to say this.
Although, eventually, the wolves will be exterminated, making that avatar obsolete. :sunglasses:


Hey, now


It’d be sick if backers could maybe make their own avatar? Or just have steam profile pictures as an option.


Would it be possible for Switch players to just use their account pictures? I’d be fine with just setting a Mii as my icon, if that’s impossible.


I think people would love the OML Pixelated Man as an avatar


Is that a declaration of war? It sounds like a declaration of war. Our numbers may be small but we are still here :wink:


More a declaration of fact really.


Something big is coming in a few short hours… :wolf: