Become A Legend


omg I wonder if I still have my gameboy color laying around somewhere.


After reading this post more carefully I noticed that Adam insinuated that there may be more rewards aside from the delux edition of the game. Any chance you guys can confirm or deny this for my FAQ I’m making?

Also, you guys don’t mind that I made a FAQ do you?
@onealexleft @oneadamleft


Yep! Those on the mailing list got an early sneak peek at the other rewards.


I thought I was on the mailing list. :thinking:

Oh my old email is, I’ll update that and check it out as soon as I can remember my old password.


I don’t seem to have that, and I know I’m on the mailing list…


I didn’t get it either.


Seems like they might be sending out the list again, I better hurry up and sign my new email up!

Actually I just tried to sign up with my newer email, and it says I’m already signed up. I don’t usually see any updates except for forum notifications telling me things like when someone private messages me.