Botfaac 3 (NEW BRACKET:


A long time ago on a forum far, far, away (I’m not kidding: myBB is pretttttty dang far) a little tournament was hosted by Flarp55 and me. It was called the Battle of the Fluffies (and also clevers) or BOTFAAC for short. NullPointer came out victorious!! Next, Flarp55 made a continuation, dropping the “also”: the Battle of the Fluffies and Clevers 2 or BOTFAC for short. I was busy working on the Wolfpack tournament. That tournament was never completed.

Now, presenting


That’s right, I’m bringing the “and also” back!!!

Signups start riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…NOW!
To sign up, please post your:
GameCenter Name-
Favorite Stage-

The favorite stage part is just for fun :smile:. That’s how the original BOTFAAC was. Here is an example sign up.


Please consider signing up if this is your first tournament!!! I designed BOTFAAC for those who are new to Outwitters and want to try entering the tourney scene without those scary Super Titans (I’m lookin at you @TheGreatHabudabi :wink:)

Rules are as follows:

Round 1 (Qualification Round)
The qualification rounds are going to start as people sign up. For example, the first player to sign up will play the second to sign up, the third plays the fourth, the fifth plays the sixth, etc. If there is an odd number of players, the last will get a bye. The second player of the two to sign up will be the one to start the game. These will be friendly games. (Press New Game->Friendly Game->Type their name) The winner has to post the replay on this tournament thread (instructions to come).

The rest of the rounds will be done on a bracket which will be posted right ->here<- later. Only winners of qualifying rounds are in the bracket!!

To post a replay:
Copy the replay link onto your clipboard by scrolling down to where it shows all your recent completed games, holding down on the game you wish to find the replay of, and pressing Copy Replay Link (in Outwitters itself). Then navigate to this thread on the forums (in the Tournaments section of the fourms) and hold down to paste the replay. If you are unsure how to post the replay, you can post in this thread that you are unsure and we can find the replay for you.

Special thanks to @Flarp55. I copy-pasted much of the rules from his descriptions in the original BOTFAAC thread.

Have fun!
-LegacyofEight :purple_heart: :clever:

Signup List:

  1. LegacyofEight :clever:
    2.Pretzel987 :fluffy:
    3.Ismaroad206 :clever:
    4.zantastic01 :clever:
  2. .=[dan_89]=. :clever:
  3. Y0ur Worst N1ghtmare :clever:
  4. Tim-O-Tea :clever:
  5. baaman35 :clever:
  6. rotty35 :fluffy:
  7. ~=[jay 9]=~ :fluffy:
  8. mark+rocks :fluffy:
    12: chrischeung :clever:
  9. 01lorewarden :fluffy:
  10. zanson142

Sign ups close January 25

Also, please don’t start a game until I say you can. There has been lots of confusion in the past with who plays who.

[size=20] Still In It To Win It!! [/size]

Qualifying Round games currently remaining: 0

Ok guys now it’s time for BRACKET!! Here it is

The top player is P1 and he/she can choose any map. Have the time of your lives.

Need help filling up your tourney?

Good work Legacy, keep it up.


Was it really never completed? oops


I have decided. I’m gonna enter.




So I think that means I challenge you so… coming up!


Long Nine

This is gonna be Legen… Dary !!!


I am back, and this time maybe I will be able to finish the finals.



I’m in!


Y0ur Worst N1ghtmare
Long Nine

I might have to get my golden-league dad to do this… Jk I’ll do it myself.


I’m against you now :smile:
Look underneath your post


Sorry, that’s .=[dan_89]=.
In case I need to rewrite the entry:
Shark food island

(Wrote “glitch” before because I couldn’t remember name of map)


Wow!!! Much sign ups!!! :smile:

So games are as follows

@Pretzel987 please start against me (LegacyofEight)

@zantastic01 please start against @Ismaroad206

@N1ghtmare please start against @dan_89

Also make sure you check this thread periodically! New bracket info may be posted.


isanders 4
War garden




War garden

Also this is a shared account and

War garden


Hey legacy, Im gifted atm… And I was wondering if you could maybe create a gifted only tourney bc I can never seem to enter in time for a tourney. I would make one myself but I’m not as advanced at creating… I know this is a lot to ask but if you ever have spare time


~=[Jay 9]=~
Long nine


There is gifted master and low ranked ST tournament called Soon to be Elite tournament that has been going on.

Also guys, I’m making a tournament soon get ready :wink:


Yea, @Doodat. I was going to join it but unfortunately I ran into forums problems with my account then I took break from outwitters just came back about 2 weeks ago.


Unfortunately @ISanders this tourney is fluffy/clever only. If you are looking for some tournament maybe go for Feudal Feud.