Botfaac 3 (NEW BRACKET:


Fluffy rank 6


Anyone know a good tourney for a “Gifted” player?


I haven’t decided on my tournament exactly, but I can make it a gifted only tournament!




Signup here, gifted players!


@Baaman35 please start against @timothy1123 (Tim-O-Tea)

@jay9 vs @Baaman35’s friend Rotty35

@Chrischeung28 vs @raxor117 (mark+rocks)


Mark+rocks does not have any open game at the moment


Hello, @LegacyofEight just warning you, I got demoted.

So yeah


…ok. I am making a new rule. It is called the EIGHT DAY RULE. This rule states that if you’re P1, you must start the game within 8 days. If you are P2 and you have not gotten an invite it is an automatic forfeit. If P2 has no open slots, notify them here then if they do not reply here within 8 days, it is an automatic forfeit


@raxor117 you are full. I cant invite you to a game


Oh sorry to hear that :cry: I’ll still list you as clever though! I’m sure you’ll be right back up in no time :slight_smile: :clever:


My opponent hasnt started any game. What should I do ?
Also check this sick game I just Win :grin:



You should read the posts.


LegacyofEight would you like me to start my game against Ismaroad206


You should also read the posts. I don’t understand what’s so hard about scrolling up.


Hi Zantastic, I misclicked the “Decline” button by accident. So stupid. Do you mind sending me another game please ? I’m so sorry, I’m a bit dumb with my fat fingers I’m sorry !



Good Game


Will get open right away @Chrischeung28


Ok @Chrischeung28 go now


We got it @Chrischeung28. Can u post replay when we are finished though.