Botfaac 3 (NEW BRACKET:


Battle’s done, but I’m not sure how to post a replay…


To post a replay:
Copy the replay link onto your clipboard by scrolling down to where it shows all your recent completed games, holding down on the game you wish to find the replay of, and pressing Copy Replay Link (in Outwitters itself). Then navigate to this thread on the forums (in the Tournaments section of the fourms) and hold down to paste the replay. If you are unsure how to post the replay, you can post in this thread that you are unsure and we can find the replay for you.

~From Legacy’s post

Are you still unsure?


Alright, here it is!


Mark+rocks just advanced into gifted league. He won about 25 1vs1 matches and got bumped up to clever and now gifted. @LegacyofEight does it mean he is out or since he started in fluffy is he still in.


He is still in, because he was that when he started the tournament.


Ok great thx @Apple


LegacyofEight I beat Ismaroad306, why does it say he is still in to win it


So sorry about that!! Switched it for ya.

Nope ur still eligible!! Keep on keeping on!


Battle done

@raxor117 wins


Great game @Chrischeung28. Scared for a long time your a great player


Nice come back. Never had such a fun game


Gg Pretzel, it’s been fun.



Legacy mark+rocks won chrischeung posted it




In by default :smile:


Nice and @LegacyofEight mark+rocks won so he is still in it to win it


Yes I’m so sorry my phone was being a pain. All updated now!!


Haha perfectly fine I know you already have enough on your hands @LegacyofEight


Jay9 has not yet posted a game to rottyboy35
so i guess he’s in


I am entering two new-ish players from irl. I am responsible for their replays. I am not responsible for their bad moves. GCIDs