Botfaac 3 (NEW BRACKET:


Scroll up a bit batman beat Tim o tea so his round is over so he is in next round



I guess I won


Actually rotty has already submitted his win. Ima make the bracket now.


Actually never mind i screwed up. Jay you’re in


Hey, I’m going to start my next battle soon. Just need to know, which map should I choose?


I sent invite to jay 9


Any map you want!!




hmm it seems as if I’m having trouble posting link I beat jay 9 on glitch…the ign is mark rocks or mark +rocks and maybe you can find it?


Semi-finals here I come


Yeah, good game. I’ve never really been good against a bunch of heavies…


@Baaman has your game against 01lorewarden started yet?


You back from vacation yet?


What’s up


@LegacyofEight our last game you said you would have no wifi and you’d start another when you got back


@LegacyofEight do you know how @baaman and @01lorewarden’s game is going?


It’s donr. I just haven’t has a chance to upload im sorry


How has everyone’s games gone, and @LegacyofEight has 01lorewarden and @baaman s game finished


My bro said you timed out twice now so is that a win for him


I haven’t even gotten an invite yet, he might not have sent the invite to the right person