Botfaac 3 (NEW BRACKET:


And post the replay


Of his previous game


Ohh, never mind, I thought razor was @LegacyofEight


Hi everyone I’m so sorry life has been happening and I’ve been busy/on break from Outwitters. Would you guys like to continue where we left off or disband the tourney or start over or what?

I’m really sorry


So 01lorewarden has won his game.


Ok, so I made a new bracket:



I texted 01lorewarden (he’s my irl friend) to start his game


Is this tournament ever going to go on? Me and 01lorewarden haven’t played yet.


We’ll go with no for now


Yeah sorry. I don’t think this tourney will continue I’m sorry.


You can start a game against him if you want and see if he responds. I’ll update the bracket if the game happens.


I don’t think 01lorewarden plays anymore. He’s an irl friend


Ok. Just thought I would ask. You guys should create a 2 v 2 version of this tournament. Thanks for making this.