Breath of the wild


Was wondering if anyone was playing the newest Zelda game. It’s a blast. So many creative ways to defeat enemies. My favorite was when I had a Chicken and I kept getting hit and sooner or later the chicken had enough. It called a swarm of chickens to kill every monster in sight while I stood there and laughed.

I also liked to steal monster weapons and replace them with tree branches or a giant leaf.

I just beat the game after finishing the few things the game wanted me to do. My two sons played most of the time but I did have to do the dungeons and puzzles for them.

It’s a brutally hard game where sneaking and being crafty is often rewarded more than running head on in to a fight.

I wouldn’t rate it high up there in difficulty because you have infinite game overs and the game saves every few minutes so you don’t lose much progress. However, the game is still really hard for non gamers and little kids. I probably would have died 30+ times from start to finish if I had played on my own so it’s hard in that sense.

Was just wondering if anyone else was playing it. I had a blast playing it with my kids so we are continuing on to do all of the stuff we didn’t do before we beat the final boss.


I’m looking forward to playing it, haven’t pick it up though, yet.


I bought it, but I have to wait until there are any stores that actually have Switches so I can get one or at least order one.
So I have a case, SDXC card, and game, but scalpers bought all the consoles…


Ah, still can’t get one? I played it on Wii U, think the frame rates are better on the switch though.


the game is amazing!

I was surprised at the difficulty though. But they are forgiving in save points, but the actual execution needed to beat some enemies was pretty hard.


I tried it on a friend’s Switch over the weekend. I just need to find where the Hyrulean Bass can spawn to get that Spicy Meat & Seafood Fry…


Haha they are in lakes and rivers all over the place.