Bug Report Thread


I think this was posted somewhere before but I can’t find it now or what the verdict was:

When watching a mid-game replay and a medic in FOW heals a revealed unit you don’t see anything and the unit is just magically healed once the replay is over. To be honest I can’t remember what it used to look like… but I know it wasn’t like this!


Minor notification bug (Android): In a 2v2 match I played, my teammate won the game, but I got a notification that said, “You beat bcuster (my teammate) and ensiluxrum (me)”. My teammate was in the first slot on the game list if that matters.

On a similar note, Android notifications haven’t felt nearly as robust as they could. If I play on my tablet, my phone still shows turns that I’ve already made, and if I open Outwitters from the launcher and take a turn, the notification for the turn I just took remains in the notification list. Fixing the latter shouldn’t be too bad (In fact, here Alex, have some Java source code for a simple notification poster), but I imagine the former probably requires some fancy server code.

Also, for whatever reason, one of the updates in the beta caused Moto Display (on my 2nd gen Moto X) to stop showing Outwitters notifications which is mildly displeasing.


Hope to have an Android update out in the next day or two (should be hitting beta tonight in case any of those effected wish to confirm the fix) followed by iOS in about a week (hurray review times).

Outwitters 2.0

Hi. I played a league match today but didn’t receive any league points at the conclusion of the match. Here’s the replay link:


Also, I’m playing on an iPad mini and every turn takes multiple attempts to complete. The game crashes as I’m making moves and then when it restarts only remembers 1 or 2 moves. Sometimes it remembers none. It took me 4 attempts to make my final moves and destroy the enemy base.

Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting in fixing these bugs!!



Deleting and reinstalling was a temporary fix for me. I experienced the same host of bugs a few days after reinstalling the app. As before, the frequency of crashing slowly increased until the endless loading bug appeared. Hopefully the fix is released soon, coz i have several games with unfinished turns. :’(


I second this, just saw it happen


I saw something similar to this while we were still in Beta… If “news” is open and the phone’s “switch app” button is pressed, when you come back to Outwitters you are stuck and must force close the app. The back button does not work.


@onealexleft 5th time I’ve seen the medic FOW bug, and a perfect example of how it can ruin games.

Saw this post earlier:

Just my opinion, but there are so many things wrong with Outwitters right now that I would hope your main focus is fixing them, not moving on to another project already (even though I am really looking forward to game 5). One of my 2v2 partners already quit Outwitters out of frustration with the constant bugs, and I will probably not be starting any league games either until the app is working properly. I’m not saying this to complain, I just don’t want to see people leaving the game because of it’s extremely poor quality at the moment. The “release now, fix later” business model is what got EA voted worst company in America 2 years in a row…


That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the announcement from Adam. There’s plenty of things that currently need fixing in Outwitters. I’d hardly be ready to purchase another game from OML if Outwitters is left in this state.


Playing on IOS. Getting ads constantly. I have tried to redo my purchases a couple times but every time I do it just freezes up in the restoring process. What’s up whit this?


I haven’t started a single 1v1 game since the update and I’m not starting any in the future until bugs are fixed. I’m not doing this as an rebellion type of thing, but more of a “it’s not fun anymore”…

I usually have 30+ games going on but now I’m down to a dozen, half being 2v2. If the bugs are not going to be fixed, I’m going to be done with this game. It’s sad because it was a great and fun game.


I understand the frustration, but you have to remember that OML is basically doing this for free. The fact that they re-released at all is surprising. I think they may have gotten a small infusion of money from new android players but their costs are far and above the time that they spent.

I’d have pulled the plug on Outwitters if it were a pure business decision. But I understand the feeling of wanting a game that you love to succeed, or at least survive. I think that’s what keeps Outwitters alive. If the fan base gives up on the game, then OML probably will too. If the fanbase, keeps up their support, even just in good will, OML will likely keep working on it, even if it’s not their main focus.

Please remember that they’re trying to co-ordinate a code base across two operating systems. It increases the difficulty of the project immensely. The fact that they’re even trying is impressive to me. Think about the fact that they entered into this knowing that this would be a very slow return project, and that over time Outwitters old code would slowly become unsupported under the iOS platform. Outwitters would die a slow but steady death as new iOSs were released.

This upgrade will keep the game alive longer, it’s more difficult than making the game the first time, and it’s all for the fans.

Thank you OML for your selfless dedication to your fans.


When starting friendly matches all of my images are black. I can see the name of the map, but I can’t see the thumbnail (just a black square) or the text “Map Select” up top (a black rectangle). This is with iOS Outwitters version 2.01 running on a paltry iPhone 4. Everything looks fine on my iPad though.


IOS 2 ? No…


Lol, you misunderstood that. The Outwitters version 2.01 for iOS (as opposed to Android).


I think they’ve released it too soon.
Judging by the Play Store reviews, a lot of people will have tried it and given up because of the bugs. Unfortunately those people probably will not come back when the bugs have been fixed.

The iOS app, for which I bought the Uber pack, is virtually unplayable now on my 3GS because the characters are too small.

If they sort out the issues with both versions then I’d gladly pay a few more quid for the Uber pack on Android too.

PS This bug report thread is too overloaded IMHO - needs a bug report forum with one thread per issue.


I’m playing the android version and have noticed that when I click on a tab (eg. Profile, Store, etc.) then return to the games tab there is a glitch in the games list - there is a blank space at the top of the list and the second game has all the text overlaid as if the top game has been placed over the second game. Apologies if this has already been posted.

Thanks for creating and developing this fantastic game.


I’m seeing this issue too on both my Note 4 and Note 2 devices. This is a regular occurrence for me, and the only way to rectify it is to either:

  • enter any game and return to the game list or
  • exit the outwitters app by pressing the back button from the game list to quit the app, and then relaunch the app.

Swapping back and forth between game list and help, profile, store, option, or news screens does not fix the game list for me.


I have problem with my game with sdmario. On both my devices I got a message that the turn has been already started on another device… but I don’t have any other device. It’s already 3 days since my last move and I’m affraid I’ll loose because of that.


Clicking New game then back sorts out the blank space / overlaid text - for me at least