Bug Report Thread


Thanks so much Zebsmatts! I gave this a shot and it works for me too!


Hio there you hard working devs! Found 2 minor bugs on Android.

From the Games List tap on Profile, then select your rank. You’ll be taken you the list of rankings, and here’s where the tiny issues pop up.

  1. Scrolling to the bottom of the list shows a total of 91 people, but in order to see ranks 89-91 I have to put my finger on the screen and drag up. If I release my finger from the screen, the display springs back to show rank 88 at the bottom of the screen.

  2. From the list of rankings tap Games, Store, Help, or Options and the audio will play but the display will not change. In order to view the desired page I have to press Back from the rankings, and my screen will update to show whichever page I had tapped on.

I use the Note 2 and Note 4 which have different screen sizes and resolutions, and since I find the same behavior on both, I’m guessing it’s not specific to the device.


Reinstalling is no longer a cure in my case. :broken_heart: constant crashing, especially on games which have gone on for a while (20+ turns) and those with a lot of spawned units. Very hard to finish a turn with 7+ moves because at move 2/3 the app already crashes.


Reinstalling helps solve crashing, but the crashes come back gradually. That’s why I’ve resorted to reinstalling Outwitters every 4 days until the matter is resolved.


I thought so too. This time, when i reinstalled the game, it didnt solve the crashes unlike the last time. I played a move or two after reinstallation, and then the app immediately crashed. I thought the frequent crashing occurs in games with lots of turns, but apparently It occurs in all phases of my games, even the ones which is in the early stages (less than 10 turns).

Also, when i reinstalled the app, i had unfinished turns in several games. I thought i’d be locked out, but i was able to enter said games without the error dialog box appearing. Which was weird, i was prepared to forfeit.


My game won’t load. It just shows the black background and spinning load symbol.


Not loading for me either


Beginning in Outwitters 2.0, when a medic is hidden by the fog of war, but the unit the medic is healing is visible, the healing process does not show up in the replay like it use to before the update (it used to not show medic location but you could see the heal animation and sound on the visible unit being healed). Now, its very easy to miss a heal when watching the play if the medic in hidden by the fog of war because the HP number of the healed unit doesn’t change after you exit the replay.

Outwitters 2.0.11 Beta

Yes, same here. Medic healing animation not shown in replay…


I reported this over 2 weeks ago


Anyone else having this problem? Every time I’ve tried today it’s been endless spinning wheel

This is on iPhone 6, same thing happens on iPhone 4s too


Should have this fixed in the upcoming update for iOS (should be out this week I believe, looking at review times)


Yea, we understand the frustration and believe me, it’s frustrating for us too. We’re working away at it, but it’s not going to be overnight, unfortunately. Having a 100% new codebase does have it’s complications. We had similar launch issues with OW 1.0, but with the ‘luxury’ of a ton more time + far fewer devices to support things turned around way quicker back then.
A large source of the issues is Outwitters now stretches across not only android, but iOS devices from as early as 2011. Lower RAM, CPU, on 3GS/ipod 4 make it harder to accomplish identical things in the new engine since we can’t ‘cheat’ and use native iOS anymore (which was the source of a lot of memory savings in 1.0).


If I understand App Store rules correctly, developer can have older version for older devices and iOS versions available to be downloaded. Theoretically iPhone 3gs to 4s could be playing with Outwitters 1.x while rest of us were playing with 2.x
But this ship has sailed.
And I have faith on OML’s decision to go all in. This will give Outwitters long live in future device, too. And easier times with the fifth game.

  • I am able to play league with Outwitters 1.6.5 with iPhone 4s, this is great, please do not remove this feature while game rules stay unchanged.


no, actually the app is running totally smoothly on my iPad4. no endless spinning weel, very rare crashes. it definitely crashes less than version 1.x did.


I have an old 3GS and the characters are now tiny and the aspect ratio is off.
Makes it virtually unplayable.
Is this on the list to be looked at, please?




Android this time
Turn load issue again
It seems to happen after some pass and play


This thread is long and topics spread to state of unfolowable, worst part is still that device and OS versions are not present!

iOS 8.1.3 on iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad mini and iPad mini 2 - Outwitters 2.0 runs without crashes. Replay animation bugs and similar tiny issues reported here are present, but they do not bother me.

Reporting bugs on its own forum with separate thread to each bug would make things more readable. And when issue was fixed that info too had it’s logical place to be published .

  • from 5th of April spinning wheel and not loading games on iPad mini 2. Device specific bug effecting all Game Center IDs tested. Matches can be played on alternative device.


Endless spinning wheel bug, some symptoms:
Game list is empty
Store, profile, help, news and options do work correctly.
Pass and play can be played, but match tend to stick. What I mean that match does not get cleared as usual. When you are stuck with match the replay is watchable, but camera sticks at fixed zoomed in position. After you somehow get rid of the match next pass and play match starts with zero wits. First I thought it was because I picked the same map, but map can be changed and team can be either color, too. Zero wits to start the pass and play match.


Yep I have the same problem. Endless wheel on the game list. It’s been an issue for the last four days.