Bug Report Thread


iOS 8.2
Outwitters 2.0
Ipad Mini

After several reinstallations in a span of a few weeks i’m still experiencing crashes of varying frequency, but the endless loading bug thankfully hasn’t recurred.

I noticed that downloading the app takes a long time (30 min or so), it’s probably my connection, i dunno if it’s relevant to my crashing problem.

Another observation, when im making a series of moves in a single turn there will be several crashes (10 or more), and i’m making the same series of moves for those 10+ crashes. On the 15th try, when i make a deviation on,say, the last of the series of moves, the app will have no problem sending the turn. It will still crash, but at least the turn goes through.


Just playing pass and play and it crashed out trying to make a move
iPhone 3GS iOS 6.1.6

And the characters are tiny and the aspect ratio is wrong - black bars at the sides of the screen


Comparison image from new vs old Outwitters.
The menus look poor and the characters are too small.




Every match crashes when I tap a spawn point for the first time. After logging back in, the game will sometimes reset to a couple moves before the crash.

Just updated to latest version, but no fix.


I actually re-installed the game, and it fixed that issue for me. It was almost like cheating as you could see what they had and if you made a good move just do it again, but if not then do something else. I’m hoping people don’t abuse this bug, even though its not reliable, it still helps a lot.

Anyway though, delete the game and re-download and you should be good to go with that issue. Be careful though, i got locked out of a few games when I re-installed. It says I started the game on a different device and now I just have to wait for the time out and the loss.


Updated to Version, after going to options and back to game list it ooked like this

The glitch is reproducable. It was my turn in a game and the list looked fine again. After going to options and back to the list again it was messed up as in the picture I posted.


Yes, it’s a regression from a previous fix. I’ve already fixed it for the next update.


Oh yes, I forgot to report this.
Friendly 2v2s have a pretty big bug:
If it’s a 4-player (all invite) 2v2, the person starting the game (p1) will choose his race. All other players that try to choose their races, regardless of what they pick, will get automatically selected Scallywags.


May explain why me and @spacechef’s game against laced decal and Gavinho430 disappeared for no apparent reason.


I’m still getting the endless spinning turn icon when i first load the game =S


If you were getting it before on android, you may have to re-install as the game cache may already have been corrupted.


I’m using iphone is that bad? lol


Have you had problems? Please only post here if you have a bug to report. Feel free to create a thread in poppycock if you just want to have fun. Thanks:)


Who are you replying to? @silent posted that he’s getting the “endless spinning turn icon” a few posts up, and was clarifying that he’s on iOS (iPad) after Alex mentioned an Android fix.


Ooh sorry then. Have you updated to the most recent OW? I’m not sure beyond that. I usually turn off wifi for Outwitters on my phone because my home wifi is actually bad and won’t always work.


yeah sorry guys… should i just reinstall and hope for the best?
have to reply to my games soon or my partner will be sad haha


Best case is after uninstalling and reinstalling it will work


I would like to remind @onealexleft that crashing is still frequent in the game, and that it should be made a priority. It’s easy to lose interest in a game when it crashes every two turns. @Yukfuj5’s 30 seconds into a game crash problem is still not solved for my iPhone 4s either.


I had 3 days of crash-free games after updating and reinstalling the app. Then it started crashing again, just not as bad as Yukfuj5’s case.


Yup, same as previous update… Feels promising at first, then slowly starts crashing more frequently. Reinstalling helps, but only for a day or two.

Ipad 2