Bug Report Thread


Well, the endless loading bug is fixed on my Android phone. Thanks A&A!


Ios Beta runs smoothly on my iPad4. the medic boost not showing in replay mode is still present, though.


I got the endless wheel again with my iPhone 6 iOS 8.2. Is there any option besides re-installing?

I’ve got several games in progress for @TheGreatHabudabi 's HTA tournament that I really don’t want to get locked out of.


How do we get the beta? Or when will it be released on iTunes? Im having to re-install pretty much every day now…


Here is the beta signup thread with the instructions. I am not sure however if OML still add user to the beta program.


I hit the Outwitters 2.0 jackpot this time, two bugs in one replay!

The medic FOW bug is still very prevalent and I see it in the majority of games that I play. So much so that I actually expect it, and I play the game assuming that the replay is lying to me about what actually happened the previous turn. The mobi FOW bug is less common, but I’ve seen it a few times now, and in this case it was both at once.

Based on what I saw the first few turns, the only possible scenario was that he spawned a heavy on turn 3, then a medic on turn 5. That would mean that the pre-deployed heavy was still in it’s original location. So I start turn 6 by moving my runner to attack a non-existent heavy. I would like to start playing league games again, but this is why I’m not.

Oh and to clarify, the replay shows and unboosted heavy moving out of the FOW by itself (i.e. not being spit out by a mobi), and it never shows the health increase during the replay. In reality, it was being moved there by a mobi, and it was boosted after it was moved.


Dunno if this was posted already buuuut:

I played a 1vs1 league game, started and went pretty much without a hitch but then when I went for the kill, mobi+sniper + soldier dmg, the game didn’t end properly. I had multiple send errors and finally one time I went in to send it again and it said that the game had already been submitted, so I left to see that indeed the game had been finished, but it was not a league match. My opponent was a gifted and I am a masters.




Replay related bug: bombshell was shown unshelled with 4 wits of health.


Replay bug after game has ended:
Step one: win/lose game
Step two: click check mark to move game down to list (optional)
Step three: tap on game
Step four: watch replay of last turn for the win having to be destroying the base. Can’t be win/lose by spawn trap. Can’t skip replay.
Step five: at the results screen, go to chat.
Step six: exit chat, click View game button.
Replay will look like below.
I haven’t been able to replicate the bug.


I don’t see any problem, what’s the issue with the screenshot?


The replay is stuck at the zoomed in version (when the replay zooms in when the base is destroyed).


I’ve reinstalled the app several times this weekend just so i could go around the crash bug. Aaaarrrrr


Our next update will be addressing this in-game crash bug directly (it’s actually an out-of-memory issue).


I must be a hacker to get my heavy to do that :wink:

I’ve had a few bugs lately that have caused me to lose games I think I would have won.

One bug is it’s not showing units as being boosted on the replay or in the actual game. So I’ll move in and hit a 3 hp soldier with a soldier and it will go down to 2 hp then my runner can’t finish it. (that’s just one example)

Another bug I’ve had was the game told me I had 6 wits left and I was about to mobi snipe the base and finish it with a runner and after the mobi snipe I had 3 wits left (the game said) but it ended my turn (i swear to god I didn’t hit the end turn button) Then when I came back the next turn I only had 7 wits, if I had 3 wits left, I should have had 10, (this game really pissed me off because it was a league game against my brother in law >.>)

Another bug I had was the game skipped my first turn completely and I started on turn 3 with 5 wits. That one was a brutal loss.

(I edited this post to clarify the mobi snipe paragraph and fix an error.)


I am running Beta on an iPad4 with iOS8.3.
This version runs really smooth. no crashes at all so far. I am not sure if the medic boosting animation is shown in replay mode now, have to check.

I just realised that if I am in the app and make a move while a notification arrives that it is my turn in another game the app goes black with the spinning wheel screen and takes me directly to that other game. I can then go back and finish my move but I think I shouldn’t be “pulled out” of the game I am playing in the first place.


Well I’ve been hit by the FOW medic bug once now


I dont remember how it was before but it is hard to tell how many health points the red base has from this screen.


I have an Outwitters game going currently that crashed on me mid-turn a couple days ago. After that, I couldn’t get any of my Outwitters games to load for a couple days. I deleted the app, and re-installed it. Now, I can get back on my games to take my turn, except for the one that crashed mid-turn. It’s giving me an error, “This turn has already been started on another device. You’ll have to finish it there.” Unfortunately, it seems that the “other device” was my previous installation. I still have 14 hours left before it times out. I don’t know if anything can be done to revive it so I can finish my turn, but I’d hate to be forced into forfeiting because of an error. The game is with Svengali360 and FreeBeerHere vs blauentag and galakz.

Please help?



This change was intentional, because some people used to cheat their way in a game by playing out their move to view the enemy’s defenses, then deleting and reinstalling the app to reset the move they did. Once this got the attention of forum members and the devs, they made games inaccessible once you’ve started your move on a game then afterwards deleted and reinstalled the app. But, if you wait a while, hopefully you will be able to access the game again. Ignore the game for a couple days, then try again. Don’t ignore it too long!

EDIT: Crap, 14 hours left? Maybe not. Don’t let it inconvenience you, at least you know not to let it happen to you again.


Apologies if this is already mentioned.

In 2v2 friendly games, it seems the invited player’s choice of race doesn’t count - it always picks Scallies. The players are 2 paid and 2 free accounts, and we’ve tried different mixes of players in teams (2 paid vs 2 free, one of each on each team, starting with either).