Bug Report Thread


It’s clearly 7 isn’t it :wink:


Probably hacked


I can confirm that choosing race has zero effect on 2v2 friendly games. From p2 onwards you get scalywags.


I already reported the 2v2 friendly bug


I now have quite frequent crashes with iOS beta when ending my turn. I tap done and the screen goes black and the app closes. When I reopen the turn is submitted.


2.0.9 is now live on iOS AppStore, fix list is short:
Reduced memory consumption in-game to improve stability.
Is that really all and if I do not have stability issues with 2.0.8 I feel safer not to update.
Replay animations and friendly 2v2 matches and rest of the bugs listed here… are they fixed?


judging from my experience with the 2.0.9 beta it should be a save update to a well running 2.0.8. I had no major issues with 2.0.8 and the 2.0.9 runs at least as stable as 2.0.8 was.


Over 100 turn matches give time out login error on slow 3G network.
Annoying indeed.
Matches that are shorter do load.


I lost all my progress and went from Master League to Unranked. What happened?
My username is >>Lewer<<



Yeah, its wierd. Lewer’s my partner, and we have some ongoing games, and when you view his/her profile from those games, it looks normal. But in a new friendly game just started it looks like he/she is a new player…


It would be nice if OML had a public to do list with bugs that have been reported here.

  1. replay animation bug is just embarrassing
  2. and there is plenty more to be fixed


I can’t open my chat at all. I’ve tried many times but every time I press the chat button it just doesn’t open at all. Any help would be great.


There is also a bug in the replay on ipad2 with latest iOS, where the medic heal is not shown for enemy so counting wits of opposition is a nightmare. :sweat_smile:


This replay bug is widely reported, but it seems to me that OML does not have resources to fix it.
Could it be cheaper to remove the wit numbers from replays and just show them during ones turn.
Then there is even larger ‘fog’ as a feature and counting wits would be even harder- unless you keep separate sheet for enemy units and their well being… Spreadsheet or mockup map of the current game.
This does not sound fun at all.
This replay bug is the single most annoying BUG that there is left in Outwitters 2.x

  • to me ‘not able to play 2v2 friendly’ (besides Scallywags only) tops this ‘replay animation’ bug as severity but not in annoyance!


I don’t know why but lately the game crashes almost always when I finish my move and tap to see the game list.


Me too. It’s kind of deterring me from finishing my games.


Push notifications on iOS have stopped. It has been like this for days now, but since I launch Outwitters plenty, it does not effect me. Only my 2v2r partners!


I also don’t receive push notifications. I am not sure if it is due to the always crash bug, so that the app simply isn’t running in the background or if it is a separate problem… :frowning:


Me too, I nearly timed out on a NOL game because of this :no_mouth:


Me four.