Bug Report Thread


looking into it.


Well that’s a first. Our push service data is hitting our provider without issue. It’s the provider that is having issues delivering them. I’ve opened a support ticket with them and hope to hear more soon.


Pushes back online! The once a year certificate renewals came around. I’ve since added them to my reminder schedule. On the previous push service I would get a notification or via testing be immediately made aware of an outdated cert. Unfortunately there was no such notification here and manually checked for certs. Sorry about that!


I just got a push notification stating that notifications are working again, and I don’t even have them turned on so they must be working really well


This was my starting screen, I could click everything btw so the links weren’t broken.


This has been happening to me since i’ve first downloaded the game. Im on Galexy S5 Active. It happend alot when I first started, now it is at least once if not twice a week.

Edit: Although, I still see my buttons on the bottom. And if I click on profile, or options, then back to Games, it fixes it. And if that doesn’t work, I just re open game.


Which device is that on?


iPhone 6 ios 8.3


iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2. App worked fine until the latest update version 2.0.10. During update the app failed to update and went into an update loop (this happens to many of my apps).
I reinstalled the app then it said that I started the turn on a previous device and must finish it there. This is the same device. I had two active matches. One I had started the turn on and the other I didn’t. Both say the same thing.
Reinstalling the app once again corrected the issue.


My game crashes basically every single turn. I delete and then reinstall the ap, and that works for about 15-20 turns before it starts crashing again. I’ve prob reinstalled 20x now. It gets to where it crashes more than once just trying to do a single turn, and is unplayable as a result until I reinstall again.
Not sure what version iPad I’m on (prob two generations old), but the software is up to date, iOS 9.0 and I have no issues with any other apps. This problem started when the new version of Outwitters was rolled out to be compatible on the Android platforms.
This is by far my favorite game, so having it be so dysfunctional is quite frustrating. Hoping you can help!


Crashing on ios is more frequently if match is longer. I had my first “during turn” crashes today and noticed that fog was lifted and I got a peek of opponents units, then game crashed. I opened Outwitters again and I was able to play last unit move again, not the entire turn.


the current iOS beta is much more stable than the latest official release.


Just noticed that some players’ profiles show Season 8 at the bottom of the list, while all other seasons are in the correct order


Maybe I still just dont understand the league point system… I got 17 points in my 2v2 random partner placement game and in the league table i have just 5 points? I dont get the math behind.


First game of the season gives incorrect number of points. Known bug.




iOS Outwitters 2.0.11 is downloadable now.

  • bug reports should be referring to current version.


? We are at 9.1 now.


He meant OW 2.0.11, not iOS I think.


Ah… Right…