Bug Report Thread


Push notifications aren’t working for me since the 2.0.11 update. Using iOS 9.1.


I stumbled across the mobi bug in a 2v2 match.


I’m on turn 38 of a 1v1 match and suddenly my turn starts and I’m only getting 1 wit point. I finished my last turn with 1 left so I should have 6 if I’m counting correctly but certainly not 1. Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Are you sure it’s the next turn ? Perhaps it’s still waiting for you to press done from the last move


It appears that is exactly what it was. I didn’t want to hit “done” and risk loosing my wits so I sat and rewound the replay until I figured out that what you said was what happened. Thanks for the help.


no worries - been there done that !


I haven’t been receiving push notifications. Anyone else? @oneadamleft @onealexleft


Same. I got a new phone recently and ever since then push notifications have ceased to exist.


Just chiming in that my push notifications are working, so it’s not global.


I purchased an item in the store and did not receive the 20 game limit bonus upgrade.
GC: alexshamwow1


Have you tried restore all purchases?


I recently bought a new Asus Zenfone 2 (Android 5.0) in which I could play perfectly. Been playing without issues for a week now but until an hour ago I having this neverending refresh loop on my game list and, on a certain match, I can’t take my turn because the game is also stuck on a replay loop.

Do the devs actually read this here?


hey there it is an annoying bug but rather a simple one to counter you just need to open the app through the notifications rather than the app icon.It works for me.Tell me if it doesn’t.


Yes the devs read here. It’s easier to get their attention with @onealexleft.


Just to do a more ‘public’ update in regards to this bug, as we’ve been getting a rash of reports of this lately:

It’s on my radar to fix as it seems to be effecting a large portion of players. Haven’t nailed down the exact cause yet, but it appears to stem from users having emojis in their gamecenter names and being the first game in that person’s ‘turn list’. Not 100% sure on that yet though. It’s obviously taking me a bit longer to get around to it due to SFT being in early access as that is our #1 priority at the moment.


Another thing I have come across. Been playing some 2’s with spacechef and when I go to send him a message, the message doesn’t show up in the chat is as its being typed. There is a blank space where the message should show. When I hit send it sends properly however. I can post a picture if you would like.


That’s been happening to me in all my chats recently


My push notifications haven’t been working for a while now. Any word on this, @onealexleft?


Hmm, push service is working as far as we can tell. Are you on iOS or android? One way that pushes get ‘disabled’ on iOS is if you’re in a testflight (pre iOS9) and inside GC sandbox.


i am on an iPhone 6, and am receiving no push notifications. I have never participated in any of the test flight builds either, so that would not be the problem. It may just be that i need to re-install the app, as when i got this phone I restored it from a backup, and it had been working on my old phone prior to the switch.