Bug Report Thread


This is on version


Yes, I am getting this as well. All options dismiss the pop-up, but don’t do anything beyond that.


Outwitters 2.0.14 running on iOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2
"Rate the app dialogue" not working. Can’t say if .13 had it since .13 had bigger problems.


I also am getting that bug and I’m on an iPhone, im on the newest update


thanks for the report. I’ll hopefully have a fix for this in the pipeline monday/tuesday.


The ratings bug is happening to me too, iOS also.


Game is taking forever to connect to GC on my iPad. Is it a temporary issue?


Is the time out on again? Having a game with 5 hours remaining since Saturday one week ago. Longest 5 hours ever.


Yep, same, haha.


I also have that


Also, my games list does not automatically refresh if I minimize and come back to outwitters. I have to switch to another page, like the “Help” page, then back to the games list to refresh it.

iOS 10.2
iPhone 5S


nope! Time outs have been disabled. They are on as of Feb 12th though.


iphone? ipad?


Minor bug: Seasons are often out of order on players profile pages.



Is down can’t find any replays for today I think it ran out of memory again


I’m on an iPhone 6s+.




seems disk space filled up with replays. I’ll be resizing the server (you guys play too much Outwitters :smiley:).

Also an update is in the pipeline to fix the review pop up.


OSN server back up.


I just beat myself. Minor bug I think. If you are preparing an update at the moment you could include a fix for this too.