Bug Report Thread


Hey guys

Am I the only one that can’t restore my purchases?
I am using the same Apple ID/account as always.

I tried reinstalling the app, but with the same result :frowning:

I just get “Restore Failed! Check login an try again. If the problem persists, please contact us!”


I’ve gotten a few reports. looking into it.


hmm after testing this I can’t seem to reproduce it. It wasn’t working at first then a re-install fixed it on my end. Maybe try signing in/out of itunes?


Perfect alex that worked. Thanks! :smiley:


I updated my app on android and now am not able to restore my purchases there is no restore button as there used to be also am not able to logout.
I had a similar problem while updating but then when i reverted to the previous version the issue was solved.This time as well i kept the previous version of the app as fail safe but it is not restoring on that as well.Actually i messed up when i bought the store items for a different gmail account for a different gmail account.
Please help!


Seems like you changed your name to daurMAMU when I see notifications and ingame messages.


I didn’t change my name the newer version picks up the play games game center id as the default name


in recent android OS’s, the api for ‘logging out’ isn’t readily available anymore. Games launch with you logged in (or the choice of opting out in some cases). Hence the button being removed. As for purchases, re-installing the latest version should restore any purchases upon launch.


Thank you reinstalling worked perfectly purchases are restored. But i think i will lose my username


I am not able to see the messages that i am typing in games after the update.


iOS Game Center notifications do work, but with delays like this:
I get notification but badge does not show there is a turn, yet normally badge shows the turns (delay?). I open Outwitters and there is no turn waiting in match list. I open the match, watch replay and my turn is up. If you play and check status all the time, you will not notice that someting is wrong. But I am getting timeouts from veteran 2v2 players and since onboard situation was no reason to surrender, I guess they just get misinformed by notifications.

Outwitters iPhone alerts

Notifications center shows on lock screen that I have a turn. Also Outwitters icon has a red badge with number one on it. I launch Outwitters.

And there is no turn. Opponent seems to have 4 days to take his/her turn.
Watch the replay and I have a turn indeed.

  • added:
    This bug does repeat almost every time I have a turn.
    I get notifications but Outwitters does not show my turns. I play only 2v2r and this is an issue because partners and opponents seem to timeout (likely because of this bug).


iOS Outwitters does still crash and many issues listed here have not been fixed. Is there going to be iOS 11 compatible check sometime soon?


hello, I am having an issue where my game list never loads, it just keeps showing the little hexagon “loading” icon to no avail, help!


I would recommend deleting the game and re-installing it. It should clear up any issues. If it’s still not working let me know.


Unfortunately that didn’t help :frowning:


When a team creates a 2vs2 league game, they have the possebility to cancel a game without loosing points, if they get from the system a player out of the random league 2vs2 - instead of another team.
In this case, with one opponent, the beginning team can choose if they want to play that game or not. When the third player (so the second player from beginning team) dont move or hit the “give up” button, the game is finidhed without any impact. Because the 4th player slot “waiting for more” only search for the right player for this game, when the third player made his move.

It can not be, that you can choose in a league game against whom you want to play or against whom you dont want to play.

In my opinion that is against outwitters spirit. If you want to be good, you have to survive bad and good situations.


I had 40+ games cancelled against me. Always the same players.


On iPhone X (iOS 11) Outwitters seems to work as it was working on iPhone 6 (iOS 10). There are glitches and bugs, the one in picture is related to new phone only.


Oh man. I want to play a random league game 2v2, and get for 50% a game with two players, who dont want to play with me. Sometimes they canceled the game, sometimes they are waiting four days and the game is disappeared. No points loose from the opponents. I dont understand this possibility in a league game. I wrote three month ago about that problem, but it seems to be not important. For me as a player who dont play much games is that a problem - and a very big bug. … Sorry, but in which league game in the world you can say: „Oh, no, thats to difficult for me… I want to play against another one“? It would be nice, when i will get an answer.