Bug Report Thread


I feel your pain, today’s tiny player pool makes this quite irritating. But I do have to point out that 2v2a matches can be launched without 2nd teammates condense. I know nothing about my current 2v2a partners nor their timetable. Or if they have slots for the matches. If you get matched against 2v2r team, decline is not an option. Second turn time out by your teammate will be very likely possibility. And that will hurt your ranking points.


I dont know if you understand that problem exactly. Lewer confirmed that behaviour by some players in league games three monthˋs ago. It is unbelievable that there is the possibility to retreat a started 2v2random game as a team, without loosing ranking points. Whats that league?


First turn advantage use to be big issue and fix to 2v2 FTA came really late. Back in the early days team could just launch tons of matches and decline all that they were not the first team. And of course everyone could choose to exclude opponent they did not like to face. As we still can do. I agree that that’s cheating. There are other ways to cheat, too. Widely discussed here couple of years ago.


In the past, I was able to see replay in Outwitters on an iPad, but it does not work anymore. Now it only shows in a web browser. Not sure if there is anything I can do to make it work. Thanks.


2v2 chat transferred to another ongoing match. I was quite puzzled since chat was not about ongoing game. Typos are mine, but missing entries are Outwitters bug.