Can anyone help with a pc issue (steam game)


My wife wanted to stream doom, so she bought it. We tried to run it but it’s super laggy. I think her computer should run it alright as it runs other games with more demanding requirements just fine.

I know it will be asked so I’ll write what her system has. Please forgive my ignorance in this topic, I’ll try my hardest to answer any questions about her pc, but I am a gamer in the sense that I used to play games. I know nothing about how they work or what to do to make them run better.

Processor: Intel® core i7-4790k CPU @ 4.00GHz
Ram: 16gb (15.9 usable)
64 bit os, x64- based processor
Video card: GeForce gtx 750 ti (4037 mb memory)

she is running windows 8.1

Not sure what other info I can give but if anyone wants more information I’ll try to google how to find the answers you want.

I’ve tried updating drivers through the windows application that lets you update them. I’m not sure if I did it right, but it seemed pretty fool proof unless I needed to go to the video card manufacturer website to do so.

I’ll attach the system requirements. I could be getting fooled but it looks like what she has is up past the system requirements. The only problem on the requirements is “broadband connection required” we will have insane internet in 3-4 weeks or so but right now the fastest we have is a personal hotspot from our phones. The phone internet runs every other game (overwatch, Starcraft, battlefront, rocketleague…ect) flawlessly.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the time guys.


Specs seem fine - what resolution / graphic settings is she trying to run it at?


Well the loading screen lags so badly that it’s really hard to change it but I tried every different resolution and there seems to have been no change at all.

I’m not sure if the frame rate is bad because I don’t know enough about what a super slow frame rate looks like, but when you move the mouse it’s really laggy. For example, let’s say you moved the mouse over left and stopped, it takes a second or so for the mouse to start moving after you stop then it slowly moves to the place that you stopped at seconds before. I don’t know how else to describe what the mouse does but that’s what makes it so hard to check the settings. It’s not only the mouse though, it’s everything that is laggy. Even if a game has been unplayable for me in years past, the loading screen usually worked ok if it was to work at all.

The game runs but it is unplayable. If there is no fix for this can we get the money back for it? It’s a little crappy that the pc meets the system requirements and the game still doesn’t work.

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have you checked the community hub on steam for DOOM? Games typically have a ‘troubleshooting/issues’ section in their sub-forums. There might be a “common issues” thread in there that you could further troubleshoot with.

As for refunds, if the game isn’t running then yes, you can get a refund from steam (assuming you bought it through steam).


Yeah, I checked out the issues page I’m just not capable of understanding what they are talking about. I know next to nothing about computers aside from how to install and uninstall a game.

It took me over an hour to write this first post haha. I’ll keep plugging away it it today and if I just can’t get it to work I’ll contact steam.

Thanks guys