Can’t connect


I can’t connect. I keep getting a “internet connection is required” message but I am connected to WiFi. I tried reinstalling but that didn’t do anything. Anyone else have this problem?


Have you restarted your phone since you installed the game?
It happens from time to time


If you have iOS device, Game Center log in needs to be active. After iOS update, Game Center can get disabled.


Thanks! That worked!!


My son has the same problem. He is connected to wifi and also game center works for other games. I suspect he answered to be under 16 years old after the latest update :frowning:

Can we do anything about this? I purchasd the
Über Pack and now he cant play at all…

His gamecenter name is o0 Karimi 0o


Due to new GDPR regulations, we can’t process data for minors. That decision is up to the parent. As for being able to change your consent answers, that is done via re-installing.


Thanks Alex, that worked.