Cold Ontologically Derivative Entomology


The ants kill every story. Then only one lasting opossum needlessly grows. :frowning:


Yeti engineers are helpful.


Thread has ended. Go and meet elsewhere.


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That last description reeked


Bring us more people!


Avaunt! Hail all! Hey… ah… hmmm… anyone here anticipating Halloween?


Hulk won the insincere lawsuit. Ruin fee for lawyers. Jeep did not refine its surmise about transmission.


Whale of triumph, not on work?


Yugoslavia hug aging? The critics fight until ugliness encroaches.


In death or not, till undergoing not death, easily reckoning so that a normal dies.


Penguin joined FBI. Universal motive?


(That is not at all what I’m saying. Check your requotes and find the clues in them…)

For a crazy ending, pin a lion’s maw.


This guy missed a letter in his first quote.


(You are right. Editing)


Isn’t getting eaten tremendously terrific? He is sulking near older walls.
Funny attributes concerning entities professing all legal money.


League of Legends


What heinous yesterdays. Crazy healers eat much oatmeal everyday upon midnight. Yummy oatmeal: understatement! Mason asked Dad early. It thawed. Trouble on October. Early April starts you.


Yawns ever announce hopelessness.


Orange kitties are yellow.