Cold Ontologically Derivative Entomology


I was obsessed using Lions’ death. Still timing in lions’ locker? Besides, earrings. War really is the instigator never gone. John is blatantly borrowing earrings riven in silver handles. Night over war.


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Aside: I didn’t know “fatcat” was a word. Apparently it means a very powerful person…


Since our yesteryear of understanding, meals are dreadfully edible. Ach! Pizza reeks of gooey rice and meat. Jalapeños use sauces too. Fries, or real tomatoes heated in sauces. Tamales, hot rice, eating and drinking.
Onions very edible, really, and chicken, hungry in every veal entree. Really!


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How many?


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I read a few posts and my head started to spin what gibberish are you guys speaking :confused::persevere:


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