Cold Ontologically Derivative Entomology


Spraying poop armed mechanism


Feedback is in a chasm. Kangaroo like mice. Dogs go meow.


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But each saw to our fall; bad omens.

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I just actually read this thread. Now I know Legacy’s name is Stannah.

But what is this thread actually about? I don’t understand anything here.


Outdraw humble bullfrog Otto. Yakuza hang Edna Rossini. Electrogalvanization!


Ugh. I can’t find the pattern. Someone tell me!


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Ugh. I can’t find the pattern. Someone tell me!

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Heroes ever train rhinos in everybody’s drawers to overthrow the empire, lest luck yellow on urging.


You just say a bunch of gibberish


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You just say a bunch of gibberish

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New Orleans

Fall in, reach Super Titan. Let everyone take turns eating radishes.


Cause we jus playin!


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Cause we jus playin!

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… treat raging Yiddish apathy, give agents inside news.


Just use superficial trying. Keep extrapolating endlessly, please. To ride, yellow imbecile, noting guesses.


I think there’s no pattern, like Qwerty said…


Thought hamburgers eat raisins, except it’s seen otherwise, not exactly.


— Begin quote from ‘Flarp55’ pid=‘98480’ dateline=‘1407811896’

I think there’s no pattern, like Qwerty said…

— End quote

Turn right, you heard angels running down evil reapers.


Read it. Gosh. Help. Thread title. Oh pattern. Oh frack. To help everyone. Super curious really everyone escalates needlessly.


I’ll give you a tiny hint: read the title over and over and over again. Here’s something to help:

The characters traveled both north and south have seen only unknown glyphs
But four went only north and found their secret code


Really Chemeoum? XD


Booooo, evil! Get out now, eel!


Intermission. Flying eels exterminate leopards. Sorry Olaf. Small tinted underdogs party inside domes.
I got it just now when I saw the thread again, before reading any hints. I’m so proud.
Chemoeum how was that supposed to help?