Cold Ontologically Derivative Entomology


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League of Legends.

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League of Legends!


World of Warcraft…


Dungeons and dragons


League of Draven!

I know that’s not part of the pattern but IDC ok?


Clash of clans!


Overly hasty. Go off deck.


Thought of octopuses freaking up nearly nothing yellow.




Binocular untried meshes peals.


When happy elves need your orange ukulele, dangerous orators marvelously assault the heavens: DIE! Oh please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.


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Laugh out loud.


It really expels much even more by executing reverse thrusts, how, in sense that here realization even adds diversion.


“Icicles rarely enter Mexico. Even Mexico blasts Ecuador’s rarely impressive team,” the octopus opines.


Should A&A mention enthusiasm? Hannah enthusiastically rushes everyday. LegacyofEight overachieves voraciously even despite. The horror is swelling. That Hannah’s rank’s, exceptionally, amazingly, DREADFUL!!!


Igloo tents don’t open. Even Sweden’s nice tents host ancillary veterans’ events that open before egregious ostriches veer ever rearward! The helicopters ever flying under Nuremberg’s cloudy atmosphere now can openly negate the interminable niceties uprooting Ecuador!


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:slight_smile: have fun


Under hills, I teased salamanders. Ever another simple youth flops languidly atop Roberto’s penthouse. In Turkey, ten ornery ocelots keyed my electric limousine. “Ehhhhh, so sorry!” they hollered about noon at me. I’ll never understand those evildoers.


(Pshhhhhhh forum lurkers, how provoking)


Brains understand my power.

Thomas helped Emma. None, Emma wanted. Frederick offered rye understandingly mocking. Mocking encouraged more brainless Emma repeating “STOP!”. Will I let loose? Love I killed easily. Therefore Hannah is stopped.