Competitive Guessing: LegacyofEight vs Flarp55


LegacyofEight and Flarp55 will post their YES OR NO QUESTIONS for round 1 of the Competitive Guessing Tournament in this thread. Before starting, please privately PM me a private message containing your SECRET SOMETHINGs and I will respond confirming that round one is good to go.

Once I give you the go-ahead via PM, LegacyofEight asks the first question.

Competitive Guessing Tournament

@Flarp55 Could your SECRET SOMETHING exist at the present day?



Does your SECRET SOMETHING consist solely of alphabetical characters and spaces?


Yes it does.

Does your SECRET SOMETHING have adjective quantifiers?


No it doesn’t

Is the first letter S or P or one of the first 8 letters?


Yes, one of the first eight letters is an S or a P. Thought I don’t know how it would help.

Is your SECRET SOMETHING tangible?


You misinterpreted my question. The question was, to phrase it differently, does the first letter belong to the set {S, P, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H}?




Define “tangible.”


Can I touch it in a solid form



Does your first letter belong to the set {I, J, K, L, M, N, O, Q}?


Would your SECRET SOMETHING be considered matter



Does your first letter belong to the set {R, T, U, V}?


Is your SECRET SOMETHING some type of idea?


That question is not clear enough for me to answer.


I realized how terrible of a question that is.

Can your SECRET SOMETHING be seen


Yes, it can.

Does your first letter belong to {R, T}?

Oh, also I should have mentioned this earlier but when I use uppercase letters, I implicitly mean both uppercase and lowercase.



Can your SECRET SOMETHING be seen in a form other than letters?

Example: if your secret something was a clapboard, you could see it :clapper: However if your secret something was THE WORD “clapboard”, it would only be visible in the form of letters



Is your first letter R?