Competitive Guessing: raxor117 vs Dog


raxor117 and Dog will post their YES OR NO QUESTIONS for round 1 of the Competitive Guessing Tournament in this thread. Before starting, please privately PM me a private message containing your SECRET SOMETHINGs and I will respond confirming that round one is good to go.

Once I give you the go-ahead via PM, raxor117 asks the first question.

Competitive Guessing Tournament

@Dog is your secret alive?



Does your secret have a specific color?


No it can be many. Is yours an animal?





Is yours an object?


@Dog yes, is your animal a carnivore



Is your object in our house?


If I don’t know the answer to that should he ask another one or should I just guess? Bc I am not sure whether or not it is


I guess I’ll just allow “I don’t know” as an answer. @raxor117 your turn to ask.


@Dog is your animal part of the cat family?



Does your object contain technology?


Yes. Does your animal live in the water



Is your object used in a work environment?


Yes, is your animal larger then a human


Yes/No, majority would not be larger than a human though.

Can your object be used on its own or do it need other components? (Ex: calculator does not need other components but a computer does).


It needs other components. Is your animal a fox



Is your object portable?




Is your animal usually black or white colored