Competitive Guessing: raxor117 vs Flarp55


@raxor117 and @Flarp55 will post their YES OR NO QUESTIONS for round 2 of the Competitive Guessing Tournament in this thread. Before starting, please privately PM me a private message containing your SECRET SOMETHINGs and I will respond confirming that round two is good to go.

Once I give you the go-ahead via PM, raxor117 asks the first question.

Competitive Guessing Tournament
Competitive Guessing: raxor117 vs Dog

Bump, @raxor117, please PM your SECRET SOMETHING.


@raxor117 @Flarp55

Start. Raxor, you go first.


Is your secret thing tangible





Is your SS composed fully of alphanumeric characters and/or spaces?


Yes, and I am asking same question you asked^





Is the first letter of your SS in the set {A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,T}?
(For this and all further questions, uppercase and lowercase versions of the same letter are the same)


No,is your SS an algorithm



Is your first letter in the set {J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q}?


@Flarp55 no, is your first letter/number of your SS a number?



Is your first letter in the set {R, S, U, V}?


Yes, is your SS a common phrase



Is your first letter R or S?


Yes, is your SS start with (A,B,R,T,S,M)



Is your first letter S?


No, is your first letter of your SS (B,C,K,X,Y,U,Z)