Competitive Guessing Tournament


NEWS (9/9/15): Okay, due to lack of interest we’ll go with just four players. And since it’s only a total of three threads, we’ll conduct matches in their own threads. Send me PMs containing your SECRET SOMETHINGs and I’ll respond to confirm that round 1 is good to go.

ZIGGURAT (Tournament Bracket):

I love in-forum games, so here’s another one!

I’ll limit this to eight PLAYERS single elim for now, first come first served, sign up by posting and saying that you want to PLAY. Update: Signups are closed. We’re playing the tournament with four players.


  1. Flarp55
    4873921047320. raxor117
    8439021840321. LegacyofEight
    5329874325874. Dog

Here’s how it works:

All PLAYERS get paired up one to one against another PLAYER. Then, each PLAYER thinks of a SECRET SOMETHING that the other PLAYER must try to guess. Taking turns, each PLAYER asks a YES OR NO QUESTION to their opponent, who must answer honestly. The first PLAYER in each pair to use their YES OR NO QUESTION to correctly guess the other PLAYER’s SECRET SOMETHING is the WINNER of that ROUND and moves on to the next ROUND ( :smile: ). The other PLAYER is ELIMINATED ( :cry: ). However, if both PLAYERS guess correctly in the same ROUND, then it’s a DRAW and they have to have an official standard game industry DO-OVER to settle the matter ( :neutral_face: ). There is no hard fixed number of questions limit for a ROUND, but if a ROUND goes on for a long time and both PLAYERS agree then they can pick new SECRET SOMETHINGS and start the ROUND over.

I guess we need some rules concerning how complicated the SECRET SOMETHING can be. Let’s say this: The SECRET SOMETHING complexity level may be up to and including the complexity level of “a blue tear falling from the left eye of a purple clown.” So you can’t, for instance, choose a crying clown, and specify the colors of both the tear and the clown, and which eye it is, and then also specify that the clown is named George or that he likes mayonnaise or that he’s crying because he was just listening to Barbra Streisand. I will serve as the judge of unacceptable levels of SECRET SOMETHING complexity, and I’ll just ask you to alter your SECRET SOMETHING if I think it is too complex. I will try my best to be fair and impartial about this.

Also, you can’t pick something esoteric, like your social security number or something like that. I’ll tell you to pick something else. Plus, you don’t want to encourage people to guess your social security number.

Also, I suppose your SECRET SOMETHING will not be considered language specific. So, if you tell me your SECRET SOMETHING is the phrase “je suis l’hippopotame” then if your opponent guesses that your SECRET SOMETHING is the phrase “I am the hippo” then that is a winning guess!

Finally, if I just really think your SECRET SOMETHING is unfair for some reason, I’ll veto it. Let’s not make this any harder than it needs to be, okay?

Then it works like a regular single elim tournament with a bracket or sideways ZIGGURAT or whatever it is. The one PLAYER who makes it all the way to the very final ROUND where there is but that one and only single solitary PLAYER standing alone and almighty atop the sideways ZIGGURAT of glorious guessing glory is the CHAMPION forever and for all time. Note: If future tournaments occur then “forever and for all time” will be retroactively amended to “until the beginning of the next tournament.”

Before each ROUND begins, both PLAYERS must PM me (TheGreatErenan) their SECRET SOMETHINGS so that I can determine if someone is lying like a low down dirty lying liar (please don’t try to lie; it’s not nice and makes me cry ( :cry: ) ).

I guess once a ROUND starts just post your YES OR NO QUESTIONS to each other directly in this thread, but to make it work best you should quote each other or tag each other in your posts to aid in getting PLAYERS quickly to the posts relevant for their own ROUNDS. Plus, doing this will avoid having four threads for four ROUNDS cluttering the forums, and then people can be SPECTATORS whereas conducting ROUNDS via PMs would prevent this. Nevermind. We’ll just conduct ROUNDS in individual threads since there will only be three matches altogether.

IMPORTANT SPECTATOR RULE! If you are a SPECTATOR then please do not say anything in this thread. I don’t want anyone to be having any hints subtly thrown their way by well-meaning but cheating SPECTATORS. :angry:

Okay! Go! Sign up and once we have eight then I’ll create a sideways ZIGGURAT and seed the PLAYERS so we can get started. Alternatively, point out a very good reason why this tournament is a bad idea and I’ll cancel it. If I get a lot of sign ups beyond eight then I’ll consider expanding the planned size of the sideways ZIGGURAT to accommodate everyone, but I dunno. I’ll have to inquire about zoning restrictions on building height, so I’m not making any promises here, all right? I don’t make the rules in this town, you know?

[size=11]-grumble- Stupid politics… I shoulda been mayor… voters out of touch with the issues… -grumble- :unamused:[/size]


I sign up


Sounds fun. I’d like to be in. IGN:raxor117



I come up with great SECRET SOMETHINGS


Anyone else?


I just dont have the time right now. Im participating in enough already! Perhaps when things irl and tourneys calm down, i will be more willing to participate in more.


Maybe there should be different threads for each round?


I mentioned that I thought it would clutter the forums. I guess it would be okay. Either way, probably tag each other.


So what I’m hearing is that this is not a great idea?


Sign me up



Okay, due to lack of interest we’ll go with just four players. And since it’s only a total of three threads, we’ll conduct matches in their own threads. Send me PMs containing your SECRET SOMETHINGs and I’ll respond to confirm that round 1 is good to go.

Tiny ZIGGURAT is here:

raxor117 vs Dog: Competitive Guessing: raxor117 vs Dog

LegacyofEight vs Flarp55: Competitive Guessing: LegacyofEight vs Flarp55


I’m a spectator :triangular_flag_on_post:


From reading the other threads, this actually looks rather entertaining! I know I may be a little late, and I cannot offer a ton of time, but I would like to challenge @spccsc to this competition! Steve, if you accept, let me know! And TGE, let me know if you don’t mind us jumping in! :grin:

Edit: Fixed!!! =D


*TGE ^.^.

What do you mean be more descriptive?!?!


Doodat, who are you talking to? :confused:

Well, you guys are certainly welcome to challenge each other, but I’m not sure I really want to add more people to the tournament now because I’d have to recreate the ZIGGURAT and plus, I was kind of hoping not to have to have any byes. If there is enough interest, then maybe another one could be run, but I didn’t get much response in here right away so I’m not sure how feasible that is.


Talking to the reply thing. I apparently didn’t talk enough. The first line was @TheRinger


OHHHHH Gotcha!


Round 1 is complete.

I’ve updated the sideways ZIGGURAT.

New match in round two here.