Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


Welcome participants and spectators to the…


Playoff Bracket:

Final Playoff Picture:
Final PP.pdf (226.6 KB)

Schedule & Standings:
NOL Season 3-Schedules & Standings 9-21-15.pdf (341.1 KB)

This tournament is designed to run just as the NFL (National Football League) with 32 teams, 2 conferences (AFC and NFC), and 4 divisions each consisting of 4 teams. There will be six teams from each conference that make the playoffs, the champions of the 4 divisions plus 2 teams that have the highest record that did not win their division.

New this Season
-Blitz Mode
-Represent your City

Number of Participants
The first season had the complete 32 teams but the second season had only 26 teams. Due to the possibility that we may not complete the 32 teams, the tournament may be run with 24, 26, 28, or 30 teams. The sign-up period will last until all 32 teams are filled, but if after a month we do not have the 32 players, the tournament may start if we have a minimum of 24, 26, 28, or 30 players, whichever is higher. A player cannot participate if they sign up after the highest minimum number of players needed to start the tourney is reached. For example, if after registration is closed we have 31 sign-ups or less, players 29-31 cannot participate. If after a month we do not have at least 24 players, I may wait a little longer for additional sign-ups or cancel the tournament. I may also extend the registration period if we are close to reaching the 32 players.

Regular Season
Each player will be assigned an NFL team that corresponds to them. The schedule will be created using the current NFL formula which can be found here and division standings will be based on NOL season 2. I will create and post a standings/schedule spreadsheet with the season matchups that will be updated with wins/losses at least once a week.

One NFL game corresponds to one game of Outwitters, with the home team being able to choose map. There will be no race or map restrictions. I will post the games that should be started for the week on Sunday mornings (usually by 10am PST). The entire regular season will be spread over 9 weeks if we have the complete 32 players. There will be 16 games for each team with 2 games scheduled each week for weeks 1-8 and 1 game scheduled for week 9. Each game will be given a number which should not be confused with the week number. Note: Each team has one bye game. The length of the season, the number of regular season games, and games per week may vary depending on the number of players.

You must start the next game(s) on your schedule each week for those games in which you are the home team (player 1). You should receive an invite from player 1 for games in which you are the away team (player 2). A game will be counted as a forfeit if player 1 has not started the game(s) for the week within 8 days (the following Monday). P2 must post here notifying me of the forfeit. As per normal Outwitters game rules, a win is if you bring your opponents base health down to zero, kill all your opponents units and block the spawn(s), your opponent gives up, or your opponent times out.

Blitz Mode
New to this season is implementation of Blitz Mode for games that 1.) Have not been completed after 3 weeks from the Sunday the game should have began (regardless of when it was actually started) or 2.) the game has reached 100 turns, whichever comes first. Blitz Mode means a turn must be made before the counter shows “They forfeit in 2d.” The player loses if their counter shows “They forfeit in 2d.” Any games that have not been completed after 2 weeks from the end of the regular season will automatically go into Blitz Mode. As mentioned previously, the final week will only consist of 1 game.

Player Responsibility
If you will be away from the game for any reason and there is a possibility you will time out, or not make your turn within 24 hours if in blitz mode, or will not be able to start any matchups, please post here and let me know. Also, if you fail to start any of your matches or time out on any matches (including blitz mode matches) without providing any notice and simply disappear from the competition without providing any explanation, you will be banned from participating in any future NOL tournaments.

Posting Results
Post results on this thread and include the game #, names of the teams, and replay link. For example:

Game 13
Patriots @Seahawks
[replay link here]

Division Champions and Wild Card Berths
Tie breaking procedures for the Wild Card teams and Division Champions will be the same as NFL tie-breaking rules found here.

The playoffs will run like the NFL playoffs with teams seeded from #1 - #6 for each conference. The #1 and #2 teams from each conference receive a bye during the Wild Card round. The WildCard round will be a 1 game winner takes all with the higher seed choosing the map against the person who received a Wild Card bid. The Divisional Round and Conference Championships will be best of 3 with the higher seed being P1 and choosing the map twice, and lower seed being P1 and choosing the map once. No race or map restrictions . Playoff games must be started within 1 week of match-ups being determined. Match-ups will be determined as soon as all the necessary games for determining accurate seeding are completed.

Super Titan Bowl III
This will be a best of 5 with the team with the better record during the regular season playing as P1 and choosing map three times, and the other player playing as P1 and choosing the maps twice. If the records are identical and the tie breaking rules previously stated do not give an advantage to either player, then the player with the most recent highest weekly elite list rank will be given the higher seed.

The winners of the past Super Titan Bowls are:
Super Titan Bowl I: Colts (mr_13en)
Super Titan Bowl II: Patriots (-PasswordisTaco-)

Team Selection Option
If available, you are allowed to select your team. Players who played in the last NOL season have the option to retain their team selection from that season. If they decide not to participate or do not wish to play as the same team, then that team is available for use by another player. If you don’t select a team you will be assigned a team. If two players who did not participate in the previous NOL season or are not keeping their previous team assignment, wish to have the same team, it will be decided based on the player with the most recent highest weekly elite list rank. If neither player has a current or previous weekly elite list rank, the players have the option to battle for the team selection with one pre-season Outwitters game. This game will go into Blitz Mode if not completed within 2 weeks or it has reach 100 turns, whichever occurs first. Winner gets to play as the team. Loser can select another team if available or will be assigned a team.

Represent Your City
If you do not have a team preference you have the option to represent your city. I will include your city name to the standings sheet and match ups. Please indicate if you identify your city with one of the cardinal directions (North, West, South, or East) and if possible I will attempt to place you in the corresponding division. Alternatively you can also request to represent your State, province, prefecture, borough, etc. No more than two players may represent the same place. This is first come first serve.

Sign-ups will be first come first serve basis. Sign-up by posting your GCID, team selection (include second and third preference), or if not selecting a team then your city, or if you have no team or city preference, then just state no preference.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Oakland Raiders
San Francisco 49ers

The Great Habudabi

No preference

Since players from all skill levels can participate, I will attempt to evenly distribute skilled and not-so-skilled players throughout the conferences and divisions based on most recent weekly elite list rank and/or league. If necessary, due to the team selection option, some teams may be moved to another division (I’ll try to avoid this).

Note: Any players that failed to start or timed out on one or more games and dropped out from competition without notice in either of the two previous NOL tournaments will not be allowed to participate.


  1. AlliDooisRush (Cheese City Texans)
  2. Mari BK (Denver Broncos)
  3. The Great Habudabi (Edmonton Eskimos)
  4. -PasswordisTaco- (New England Patriots)
  5. awpertunity (San Diego Chargers)
  6. mr_13en (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  7. #(Epitaph)# (New York Jets)
  8. -.DuMontster.- (Cleveland Browns)
  9. cmss220 (Baltimore Ravens)
  10. thelecroys (Tennessee Titans)
  11. The Excellent Apple (Apple City Chiefs)
  12. arsenal4life 10 (Surf City Dolphins)
  13. MK57$ (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  14. spacewitter (Buffalo Bills)
  15. TheRev (Cincinnati Bengals)
  16. PotaszAndroid (Oakland Raiders)


  1. amoffett11 (Arizona Cardinals)
  2. rcsum (Philadelphia Eagles)
  3. Torbreck. (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  4. (OnionKnight) (San Francisco 49ers)
  5. PeaceChaser8 (Detroit Lions)
  6. collinj14 (Chicago Bears)
  7. unclepappi777 (Minnesota Vikings)
  8. TheRinger (Tehachapi Warriors)
  9. spacechef (Green Bay Packers)
  10. Raxor117 (New Orleans Saints)
  11. chrisatap (Ann Arbor Cowboys)
  12. HI THIS IS DOG (Seattle Seahawks)
  13. ceasar0318 (St. Louis Rams)
  14. burningspear72 (New York Giants)
  15. swiftsword7 (Atlanta Falcons)
  16. Tandoku (Washington Red Devils)


Representing Edmonton please. Look forward to thrashing Toronto (if @amoffett11 goes that route).


I will retain the Arizona Cardinals from last season, if I may


Representing Team Cheese please
If not then no preference:)


I’m in - this is always a good tourney…

GCID : Torbreck.
Sydney Swans ( jk give me the underdogs whoever they are )


Put you down as repping Cheese City, if you’re ok with that


Haha…Ok, got you for the Bucs as they were the worst team in the NFL last year.


Sounds like a good time!

GCID: Cmss220

Baltimore Ravens please!

If not then i’ll take the Cleveland Browns as they usually get stomped as hard as I’m expecting to :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet - go the Bucs


Torbreck, you are one of the few insanely good player that I haven’t had the pleasure of playing against yet! I hope to face you in this tourney even though I’m sure it will be brutal. I love playing good players and learning!


GCID: (OnionKnight)
Preference: 49ers
Or Vikings



GCID: PeaceChaser8
Can I have the Ferris State Ferrets?

They are actually the bulldogs but I think they made a big mistake not going with Ferrets.
Also, is there a way to get emailed with notifications? I feel like I could easily miss important information without reminders.



GCID: TheRinger

Flying Dog


No Preference


I’m in, sounds like fun.

Representing Ann Arbor


2nd choice:Saints
3rd choice:Colts




Buffalo Bills please


Ahh maybe this will reboot my interest in this game!

Guess I’ll go niners if I can’t keep the chargers.


first team saints
second team Giants
Third team Eagles