Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


No invites yet for either of this week’s games. AllIdooisrush and… I forgot, but haven’t received one from them either.


So aside from @AlliDooisRush, the other player I have not yet received an invite from for this week’s games was @MK57$


I never received an invite from burningspear.


I have until this Sunday correct? This first week has been hectic at college


Till Monday actually for this week only. That was because I posted the matchups a day late.


Ok. Let me know if MK57$ doesn’t start his match by Monday night.


I started a game 5h from being 4d ago but see now I made understandable mistake in putting in wrong name. I had tried -.DuMonster.- 1st which did not take but -DuMonster- did work. I see there is another “t” in there so have already started the game. Am awaiting your turn…


Which illustrates the negative point of confusing user names.


Part luck and part @spccsc wanting to be the Ravens. :smile:


Game 12
Jets @ Chargers




Week 8 game 15. Chargers at Ravens




Week 8 Game 16:


Used my reaper rush! Turned out well! xD

GG thelecroy!


Got it, thanks!


Game 14
Jets @ Bears


Week 8 - Game 16

Raiders def. Apple City


Final Week 9 matchups posted!

Time to make those final pushes for the playoffs!


Looks like this is Game 6 Giants at Lions


Game 10 Giants at Rams


@Solo, did you receive an invite from burningspear72 for Game 14?


Week 8 Game 15:


This was a pretty sloppy game from both of us. =/ But gg man


Why does it look like I’m playing Taco again in the playoffs? T-T And I cough planned this so that I wouldn’t cough. In all seriousness though, I shouldn’t have this record and be 4th seed.


Waiting on @Blodgie to send an invite for Week 8