Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


Is this your guys’ week 8, Game 15 matchup? @OnionKnight, @SamPotasz



@Dog, @ceasar0318, -week 9, game 17?



Week 8
Cardinals vs ?


@retrotoaster (TheRev) You’ve got less than a day to start our game.


@Mari_BK, I’m pretty sure you need to send me an invite for our last game.


Yes! Sorry for not posting it.


And so ends my season. Thanks for setting this all up! It was fun.



Visiting Eskimos defeat Bengals. Week 9 Game 17.


Game 16
Surprise finish! Good game.


Are we going to get a warning before Blitz mode begins? I just don’t want to be taken by surprise.


Good question. I’ll make an announcement if necessary. For everyone who is still playing matches please send your opponent a chat stating that the match is now in blitz mode (if that is the case-see rules). Once your opponent confirms, then the match is in blitz mode. If either opponent needs additional time, make sure to inform your opponent and post here.

The blitz mode is to avoid a situation with a player making turns every 3-4days (You guys know the type) so please be understanding if a player who generally plays fast, exceeds the time limit but informs you of this. Main thing is make sure to communicate.


We have Tournament Mode now, it would be wonderful if we also have the blitz mode! :smiley:


Last game 17, OAK @ SD gg



Week 9 bears win


Happy Kickoff Day everyone! GO PATS :trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

@mr_13en My condolences for what’s about to happen to your Steelers :dizzy_face: :skull:


Same to you and everyone else! :football:

Yeah I’m expecting the worst but hoping for the best… Too bad Bell couldn’t get HIS game suspensions waived.


Cardinals vs ?
Week 8 Game 15 or 16


My last game is ongoing. I am 10-5 now, and my opponent is unclepappi (The vikings) is 9-6. Just curious what playoff implications this has. If he wins, we’re both 10-6, but split the head-to-head. We both were 4-0 against the rest of our division. I guess the next tiebreaker is our record in common games (which beyond the division is the AFC North and NFC North). I was 5-3 and he was 4-4. Does this mean I’ve already clinched the division (and therefore the #4 seed, as TheRinger is out of reach). From what I can tell, he and I are going to play each other again with me at home regardless of the outcome of this match


Give me some time and I’ll figure it out. Hopefully later today.



Week 7 Game 14

Eskimos defeat the Steelers. Good game @mr_13en


Yes, you have already clinched the division even if you lose your last match. One correction though, due to the seeding format of the NFL, you are the #3 seed because you won your division -even if TheRinger has a better record. It’s something I’m thinking of addressing next season and having seeding based on record but still have the 4 division winners get a playoff berth.

For @trinity747 (unclepappi777), this last match is important because if he loses there will be three teams at 9-7 - I’d have to figure out who advances in that scenario but I’ll do that after the match if necessary. Also, @PeaceChaser still has a couple games going so that will have implications as well.