Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


Standings and playoff picture updated. :fist:

@PeaceChaser, did burningspear72 send you an invite for week 9? I’m guessing not.


I’m pretty sure I read that the NFL is changing its seeding format to what you mentioned above anyway. :slight_smile:


Looks like I secured a spot for myself not in the play offs. I would like to thank @mr_13en for hosting this and answering all of my football questions (I know nothing :stuck_out_tongue: ) this is the best tourney I have been in and I had a blast. I ended 10-6 which makes me happy because 7 of my matches were against st! I have watched players grow from weak to strong during the course of this tourney. Congrats to @dog @retrotoaster @Apple @SamPotasz , and @TheRinger for all getting promoted during the course of this tourney good work guys! (Sorry if I missed anyone)

Thank you to everyone who I played against, I had a great time in all of my games. next year I’ll make it to the play offs, and I don’t care if how tough the division is, I’ll be picking the Ravens again!


@mr_13en and I look forward to crushing your playoff dreams again next season. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pffft I’ll challenge you to a feedback vs feedback match on reaper and pick adorables :wink: I might not be as good as you but I’m not above dirty tricks :stuck_out_tongue:

Ravens 2016!!! :facepunch:


Really surprised that I didn’t make it into the playoffs and I’m pretty sure this tourney is rigged. 3-12 should be more than enough but I digress… /s


Actually you ended up 4-12! I didn’t capture your win against PeaceChaser8. With that record now you definitely know I rigged it. :wink:


UPDATE - The playoff teams for the NFC is decided.

I had overlooked Seattle’s win over Detroit (PeaceChaser8) and burningspear72’s dropout of the competition gave the final win to PeaceChaser8.

@OnionKnight wins the NFC North over @PeaceChaser due to common games win percentage.

@trinity747 beats out @collinj14 and @PeaceChaser for the final wild card spot even if he ends up tied with them at 9-7 due to his better conference record.

Only thing left in question for the NFC is who gets the #1 seed. If @rcsum wins his last match he’ll take the #1 spot since he defeated @Torbreck during the regular season.

Playoff Picture is updated.


WOW I am one lucky SOB :smiley:


Week 7 Game 13
Apple city at DEN



Nice game!


Barely missed the playoffs this season but I’ll be back. Great tournament @mr_13en, thanks for keeping this thing running. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs! :smile:


Thanks @collinj14, look forward to having you back!


Game 17


Jets @ Redskins
Game 15




Apple city @ broncos



For every one of my spectacular wins, there is another game that is lost just as badly :stuck_out_tongue:


@mr_13en, if Epitaph wins out and I win out, we both end with a 14-2 record. I believe he owns tie-breaker over me (for #1 in AFC), correct? Because if that’s the case, I’m ready to forfeit my final game because I’ve got #2 seed sewn up. :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind. Since he lost his final game I now have to try to win mine (although it’s highly unlikely at this point).


Great tourney! I didn’t make the playoffs, but it was a lot of fun.

Sorry @Epitaph for winning my last game. It was a good way to go out though. :smile:

glhf in the playoffs!


Damn you lol, that’s ruined my hopes of a number 1 seed rating :smile:

The game is here:

Game 17
Bills @ Jets

I got caught unawares by the rush around turn 5 and never really recovered despite my best efforts. GG