Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


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Damn you lol, that’s ruined my hopes of a number 1 seed rating :smile: [/quote]

You still have your division title and own tie breaker over me for #1 in conference, so if/when I lose my game, you’ve still got the #1 seed.


Sorry guys, a little busy at the moment but I’m pretty sure @ggggggggkkkkkk wins the AFC East with Epitaph’s loss …so @TheGreatHabudabi, I believe if you win your last match you become #1 seed…but if you lose then you stay where you are as #2 since you lost to Taco during the regular season.


Epitaph and -PIT- split their games with each other and have the same Division record, but Epitaph has a better Conference record. Doesn’t that give him the tie-breaker?


Best win percentage in common games is considered before conference record and -PiT- has the advantage since he defeated rcsum but Epitaph didn’t.


Well this is an interesting turn of events, the last time I checked I thought I was locked into a wildcard spot, and would most likely end up with the #6 seed. Now I’m guaranteed a first round bye and could get #1 overall “if/when” TGH loses. Cool

@mr_13en FYI you still need to beat Mari BK to make the playoffs! (assuming TGH does in fact lose that game) The 1-5 seeds are set, you guys are battling for the last spot. So I guess your playoffs have already started :slight_smile:

1 Patriots
2. Eskimos
3. Chargers
4. Texans
5. Jets
6. Winner of Steelers vs Broncos


Yes, that’s correct! Much to my dismay…


And here is the win against TGH gg!



Glad to be the tiebreaker! AFC was much tougher this year than NFC. It’s ashame that either Mari or mr_13en won’t make the playoffs.


Yeah it was and that would be me. I guess it’s what I get for passing up my playoff spot last season. Anyway, I played a terrible Peekaboo game so Mari BK moves on. I’ll post the Wild Card matchups later today. Good luck to you guys in the playoffs!


By the way, I want to thank all the players for playing your matches so quickly and posting them up here. I know you guys gave me credit for running the tourney well but you guys did your part as well. Thanks guys! :clap: :clap: :clap:



Mr_13en i hate to see you leave as an active played in this tourney and i want to thank you again for this great tournament!

Thanks also to my girlfriend. She did a speedcourse outwitters to be able to play on my behalf since I was away for a couple of weeks :smile:


No problem @Mari_BK, it’s been my pleasure. Good luck in the playoffs!


Alright guys, I know it’s not the weekend but the Wild Card round just doesn’t sound right without throwing weekend in there. Matchups for this round are up in the first post if you don’t already know what they are and I’ve also put together a bracket for quick reference on how the playoffs are going.

Good luck @Mari_BK, @awpertunity, @Doodat, @Epitaph, @TheRinger, @OnionKnight @trinity747, @amoffett11, @ggggggggkkkkkk, @TheGreatHabudabi, @Rcsum, and @Torbreck !!! :football: :trophy:


Higher seed gets P1, am I right?


Yes, that’s right. If anyone is not sure please check the matchups in the first post.


oh, duh me, lol thanks


So I guess unclepappi and I should start out playoff match, despite the fact our week 17 game is still ongoing?


Yes, if you are both ok with that. Is the current match close to being finished?


It is extremely close to being finished, one way or the other, now that I know for sure it has no bearing on anyone’s place in the standings.


I’ve been on vacation until today so I haven’t started my game but should be able to by Tuesday if that’s okay…