Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


Sure, that’s fine.


Game #17, Cardinals vs Vikings. PlYoff game is underway



Just checking in; are all the wild card matches underway now? @amoffett11 I know yours is. How about @awpertunity, @Doodat, and @OnionKnight?

Remember, this is a one game sudden death match.


Game with epitaph is going on! Should be a fun match


Yes we’ve started too. I’m just slower than usual since my push notifications don’t work anymore :frowning:


Onion and I are in our game. It’s going a tad slowly, but progression is being made!

Brotherly competition brings out the well thought out turns from the both of us! :smile:



Vikings @ Cardinals, Cardinals win.


So @amoffett11 you now face @Torbreck in the divisional round. This is best of 3 with Torbreck playing as P1 and choosing map twice. Good luck guys!

Thanks @trinity747 for participating! You definitely had a good run and raised some eyebrows in this tourney. Hope to see you back!


Do we want to race ahead, or wait for one or two of the other Wild Card games to finish? I’m OK with either, but if it were me I’d rather wait a bit now than wait a lot later.

Or we could just play one game at a time for now, until the other games finish and then start the remaining. Thoughts?


Good question…I say let’s wait for at least one of the other matches to finish. If after a week they are still ongoing then start at least one of the three matches, @Torbreck, preferably one of your home matches. This way we have some continuity.


Righto then… I’ll just do some limbering up and send an invite soonish…



Broncos @ chargers well played awp


So @Mari_BK will face off with @ggggggggkkkkkk (-PasswordisTaco-) in the divisional round.

Let’s see if we can get results on those two other matches by the end of the week…

Thanks for playing @awpertunity! Join me on the sidelines ; )


Sorry about the delay, I’ll be accepting the game tonight and then starting my P1 game shortly after. I will be taking turns after that at least once a day


@amoffett11, sounds good but I was referring to the other two wild card matches.

Oh, never mind just saw that was directed to Torbreck.


Ya, I’ve been sitting on his invite for two days now, so I just didn’t want him to think I was AWOL


We are getting there! I promise! Brambles are very annoying…cough @OnionKnight cough


Haha was a fun match buddy :smile:
49ers vs Warriors


haha. Very silly match. Wish I spent a little more time on it!

GG Matt! Fun game!


Thanks for playing @TheRinger!

So 49ers @OnionKnight will face the Eagles @Rcsum in the divisional round. Best of 3 matches. Rcsum has home field advantage so will pick map and play as P1 twice and OnionKnight will play as P1 and pick map once.

Let’s see if we get the last wildcard result soon…