Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


I actually used that exact opening in all 3 games - runner on turn 1/2, then special unit on turn 3/4. The Scrambler spawn squat part is basically the same thing that I did against Lawtai in the last DL tournament (I’d post the link, but I’ve already posted it a couple times and promised I would stop :slight_smile: )


omg i still can’t believe you were able to pull this one off all it would have taken was a runner spawn to demolish your plan



I like Doodats reaction to that match. Lol

So ladies and gents, @ggggggggkkkkkk is in the AFC championship and will have home field advantage.


Game 2 - GG @amoffett11



@Torbreck moves on to the NFC Championship and may or may not get homefield advantage depending on outcome of @OnionKnight vs @Rcsum

Valiant efforts @Mari_BK and @amoffett11. Thank you guys for participating!


Wow! Gutsy start. Surprised it worked.


Game 1 is in the books. Other two are in progress.


I see you still love to spawn a mobi no matter what map you are playing gg well played


Game 2. Great game OnionKnight! I look forward to future matchups.



At least I won the third one…


Hate to see you go @OnionKnight but great season nonetheless. Congrats @Rcsum, you will host @Torbreck in the NFC Championship. Rcsum, you have the homefield advantage. As in the previous round you play as P1 & choose map twice and Torbreck once. Good luck guys! :supertitan:


Thanks for having me! This tournament was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the epic showdowns to come :smile:


Thx @mr_13en

@Rcsum - you send through the the first game…


Just to clarify, @Epitaph and I ARE playing our games. Game 1 will be posted soon after he makes his next move. :slight_smile:



Game 1. Good game @Epitaph.


Tons of fun to watch! I was waiting for a scrambler the whole game!! Seems to me, Epitaph spent just a handful too many wits suffling around units. But hey, good game guys!


The benefits of playing with Feedback is Scrambler FEAR. You don’t always need to produce a Scrambler, your opponent just has to be fearful that you have/will. :slight_smile:


Games 2 & 3 are about to come to an end. (1 win each unless I missed my mark)

@Epitaph, a friendly word of advice. Expand your repertoire of race selection in future tournaments. Your loyalty to Adorables made my map selections almost a foregone conclusion.

@ggggggggkkkkkk, prepare to meet your maker!


Game 3

Game 2


Impressive victories @TheGreatHabudabi! I liked how you used the scrambled mobi for the finisher on that SFI match.

@Epitaph, you were definitely a force to be reckoned with in this tourney. Thanks for playing, till next season!

So the stage is set for the AFC Championship between two of our Outwitters heavyweights. @ggggggggkkkkkk (-PasswordisTaco-) has homefield advantage and will host @TheGreatHabudabi

Good luck guys!