Congratulations Super Titan Bowl III Champ: Torbreck.! (Buccanneers)


First blood in our three games
GG @Rcsum



And game 2 … GG



Well played @TheGreatHabudabi.

Thanks for organising @mr_13en, it’s been a really fun tourney.


Impressive victories as well @Torbreck! And congratulations, you are the NFC Conference Champion and have punched your ticket to Super Titan Bowl III!

Because of your record you will also have homefield advantage playing as P1 and choosing map for 3 of the 5 games.

Thanks again @Epitaph.


Game on. Time to put your money where your mouth is!


Okay, if @ggggggggkkkkkk thinks I’ll take Feedback, he’ll choose Scallywags, so I shouldn’t choose Feedback. And if he takes Scallywags, I should choose Adorables. But he would anticipate that I’d anticipate that he’d take Scallywags so he won’t actually choose Scallywags, but he’ll instead take Veggienauts so that he can choke out a Mobi approach. And if he takes Veggienauts I should definitely take Scallywags… But he might anticipate that I would anticipate that he would anticipate that I might anticipate… My head hurts. I’ll try to accept your game again tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Lol.what’s the map he sent you the game on.
On a sidenote your games don’t really matter in the end it’s @Torbreck 's cup for sure :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


hahaha reminds me of HTA


And all the while @ggggggggkkkkkk just rolls a 4 sided die…


I just picked the race that I think is the best on that map… although it’s Sweet Tooth so they’re all pretty close


i am guessing you picked feedback?


I’ll probably swing to majority vote on there and say Adorables. The USA vs rest of the world game on Sweet Tooth was an AvA


Yeah he also chose adorables and woh was there a match like usa vs reat of the world that would have been fun shit i started playing this game quite late :pensive:


In my opinion, after playing the whole HTA tourney on Sweet Tooth:

A > S = F

S = F > V

V > A


No way is F = S. Playing against Scallywags as Feedback on Sweet Tooth is hell.


Revised rankings

A > F
A >> S
A < V

F < A
F < S
F >> V

S << A
S > F
S >> V

V > A
V << F
V << S


I would go with:

A >= F
A >> S
A < V

F <= A
F < S
F >> V

S << A
S > F
S >> V

V > A
V << F
V << S


Yeah i think habudabi is more right on this one


Not that it matters but at least I won game 3. Ironically, player 2 won all three matches. Good wins Torbreck. Revenge for last year.
Good luck in the super bowl.


Thanks for playing @Rcsum, this tourney wouldn’t have been the same without you. Till next time!