Crazy In Love


This is a thread dedicated to the badge: Crazy in Love
The badge requires you to like 50 posts in one day… on 20 different days.

What will happen is people will post about something that they are crazy in love with. You can make this about anything and write it in any way.

Save your likes until 50 people other than you have posted here, and then like all the posts (or like them anyway)!
You can make multiple posts to help others in their quest to be crazy in love!


I love my dog


I also love Speech and Debate


Your dog looks nice, my dog is a shoe eating monster.


I love lamp.


That dog is so cute! What’s his/her name?


wait, so we will need 1000 posts?


yup, although I’m sure we can just go like old posts hahaha


His name is Titus :slight_smile: and thanks. He is a Great Pyrenees. He will probably be well over 120 lbs :o. What is your dogs name?


His name is Riley (also answers to doggo) and he is a very lazy cocker spaniel/poodle mix (cockerpoo)

Bonus pic


I still want the badge


me too. crazy in love with all the things


I love Prog Metal.


You apparently also love making me Google things.


For anyone else whos out of the loop


What about Prog Rock? Porcupine Tree?


I mean, sure. I saw them live once but the reason is because Robert Fripp was opening for them and I wanted to see him. I just stayed for the PT show and it was fine I guess, but I didn’t know the material at all. I’m into King Crimson and Gentle Giant and ELP and stuff like that.


I love rocket league


I also love rocket league, as long as I’m not against doodat.


Every time I try that link I win a million dollars on Facebook. I still don’t know what lmgtfy is.