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And now I’m educated!


You definitely missed an opportunity:


I love League of Legends. I also love the pro LoL team Immortals.


IMT has started off pretty well this split



I love gifs from the internet like



Oh, and also that

is a thing.


I thought about it but decided against it because I am a serious and unfunny guy.


I hate LoL’s community, however Since this thread is about love, I love the new gorillaz song saturnz barz. Mostly I love symphonic metal.


I actually saw King Crimson live last night and Gavin Harrison (drummer from Porcupine Tree) is in the band right now. Holy cow it was good. Actually at the beginning it was kinda rough but then it got holy cow good. Well, they played a couple songs from Lizard which I question as being a great idea but whatever, the rest of it was great, especially the drums, but also especially the sax solo in Easy Money was awesome.


Yo, recommend some symphonic metal to me.



I’m a big fan of epica, kamelot, and sonata arctica.

Epica gets better and better with every album.

Kamelot is steadily good.

Sonata arctica gets worse with every album after “silence” reckoning nights is amazing. Ecliptica is really good too. I’d start with “silence” or “ecliptica”.

older “within temptation” is good too.

Nightwish is huge, you can try them. I love their older stuff. If you like the opera style vocals then check out their former singers solo work. “Tarja turunen” that’s pretty extreme though.

Sonata arctica and kamelot might be considered power metal but I’m just listing off what I like.

Try epica for the best symphonic metal (imo). “Unleashed” is a great song, its more made for the casual fan. “Beyond the matrix” is amazing and more the lighter sound for the casual fan as well. In contrast, to go deeper into their albums and find their best songs, try “design your universe” or “once upon a nightmare”

Their newest album “the holographic principal” is beautiful. Definitely worth a listen. Everything they do is with a full choir and orchestra backing them up. They have an amazing singer and backup singer.

Your turn to recommend bands to me!


I know I listened to Epica’s DYU and TQE but I don’t remember them very well. I don’t think they made much of an impression on me but I kind of want to go back and listen again now. I’ll try the other bands too, never listened to them before.

I imagine you might have listened before, but my picks for this area of metal are all Blind Guardian albums: Nightfall in Middle-Earth (A++), Imaginations from the Other Side (A), Somewhere Far Beyond (B). Beyond the Red Mirror is ambitious but for me it almost completely fell flat. I was bored! (D). A Night at the Opera is very hit or miss. Some songs really great, others really forgettable IMO, but it’s worth listening to overall. (B-). I wouldn’t bother with much else from them IMHO.

Okay, proggy kinds of metal:

I will recommend Atrox’s Contentum. Fair warning, it is kind of weird, but if you can get over the unusual stuff about it there is a lot to like about it. In any case, it is a unique album stylistically, very special. I give it an A.

Also try Orphaned Land’s Mabool. Israeli Progressive Metal, concept album about the myth of the flood. Actually kind of a B+ from me but I do think it’s an interesting album.

Sieges Even - Lifecycle (A-)
Voivod - Nothingface (A+)

More thrashy but still highly technical, proggish leaning:

Aspid - Extravasation (A)
Mekong Delta - Try Dances of Death or possibly Pictures at an Exhibition if you are interested in the Techno-Thrash answer to Russian romanticism. (Never mind that the band is German.)

More aggressive:

Absu- Tara (A+)
Absu- Absu (especially “Sceptre Command” but tracks 7-11 are all great IMO.) (B- overall but tracks 7-11 get an A+.)
Might also try The End of All Reason’s Artifacts if you can stomach tech death. It’s actually a highly melodic tech death so there’s a lot to listen to here besides DEEP RUMBLING MONSTER VOICE.

And try Barús- “Chalice” :


I enjoy rough gutteral vocals.

Man I love blind guardian, I almost included them in the list but they stray quite a bit from symphonic metal.

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out now.

As far as epica goes, I really enjoy their slower tracks like “design your universe” that’s probably my favorite song by them.

If you check out nightwish (I’m shocked if you haven’t heard of them) check out their album “once” or “oceanborn”

Ok I’m going to start at the top of your list and work my way down, thank you!


Yes, I’ve heard of these bands, just never bothered to listen before aside from Epica. (I mean, I have heard a Nightwish song or two before but I never sat down and really listened to them seriously.)


They aren’t my favorite but they hold a special place in my heart. Nightwish was the first symphonic metal band I listened to and they got me away from horrible punk music.

I might listen to them once or twice a year now, opposed to epica which I listen to Almost daily. I’m really diggin the vocals on atrox.


Even in “Lizard Dance”? :smile:


Especially in lizard dance haha.


P.S. I received my copy of the latest Ayreon and Simone Simons is on it. It’s pretty good I guess but maybe getting a little tiresome for me at this point. The style is very samey for Ayreon.