Disappearing Messages?


Anyone else have this issue? The background fades then comes back


Same for me, thought it was a weird feature. Seems it’s also happening on my laptop and not just my phone

Also, nice Android :wink:


Thanks! It’s a OnePlus 3
The first time it happened was when you and Scott were talking about coding in LPW and I thought you programmed it to do that lol


I wondered about this too. I’m using whatever the latest version of Chrome is on Windows 10.
Also, it sometimes happens on the thread select screen, except one thread turns orange.

Edit - it seems to be the thread I just came from before I went back.


I’m getting it too - on iPhone. Very strange


I think it’s the forum’s way of “loading it”?


Also it highlights the oldest message you haven’t read in the thread


But if you look, the text is there, just impossible to read because black on dark blue can’t be read by any person on this earth unless they have a weird display.


Turns out there’s a much worse side effect: If you go to a profile page’s Summary thing, it does this:


Okay for me, it does this animation where the white background fades for a second then appears again (kind of like a notification for what you should be looking at)


ya the forums’ been updated numerous times and the CSS hasn’t been updated to reflect the newer features/effects. I’m contemplating switching back to default theme just so things don’t look bonkers.