Elite Championship Remastered Bracket and Rules


Does anyone know how to open these links into outwitters?
JK OSN back up



1NSAN3 wins :slight_smile:


I have a new ingame ID -> HansJoachimAa

big boss also won the second game vs Intimidation



YouKnowMe > Torbreck.



Nagibator beats cmss220 2-0. Ggs!




How do you open the links in Outwitters?


Go to OSN with the link, bottom left is an outwitters icon and you click it


Alright, looks like we’re just waiting on two more games before we start the next round!


Game #2 completed - GG @Doodat

Torbreck. > YouKnowMe

Close battle on reaper



Waiting on one more game!


Glad to see I’m not the only one who got shut out the first round…:wink:




@Random_Task @1NSAN3 ?


Our game is at thorny gulley
Turn 46 ATM
It might take a while to finish as we both are active at different times of the day so we are unable to blitz it out
Sorry for the delay caused :sweat:


Thanks for the update!



Gg Rt

Started attack after turn turn 63


Alright, round one has ended and round 2 matchups are live! Please start your games in a week, I’ll be pinging people tomorrow


@Doodat can u make restrictions on race that would make things interesting

And maybe for the maps as well cause I don’t want to play the same maps over and over again I have a hardtime choosing maps


Err, I can’t really for this round since I already gave the go to start games but I can keep this in mind for the next few rounds. Thoughts?


Only Scallywags on Peekaboo.

Should make the games quick and dynamic.