Elite Championship Remastered Bracket and Rules


I’ll update later, I will be adding restrictions on starting matches (but no time restrictions on turns).


Alright, I’m going to be pinging everyone.
Quick question for @big_boss, are you going to be playing on your Bramblemaster account for the rest of the tourney? If so, I’ll change that on the bracket.

Quick question for @Nagibator666 clarifying your new ID

A quick quality of life assurance for everyone to check their IDs in the bracket to make sure that they are correct.

@Nagibator666 @Tomas_Thundiyil @Random_Task @BK_VII @big_boss @NightOwl @spccsc @Ryzuma @1NSAN3 @Lewer @HansJoachimAa @Vitessa @Torbreck @GreatGonzales @sdmario

First order of business pertains to @Tomas_Thundiyil, I’m going to need you to reply if you’ll be able to continue the tournament. Timing out again will be a removal from the tournament.

If he does not reply, do you guys want to:

  1. Remove him from the bracket and have an odd number of participants for the Swiss (this would mean that one player would have a bye per round)
  2. Keep him in the bracket and give the opponent a free win

Second order of business is for everyone who has yet to start their second round match. Please start your match and like this post that you have within 1 week (You have until 8PM Central time on May 30th).

The list of matchups that I don’t know if their matches have started is here:
@spccsc vs. @Random_Task (both games)
@Ryzuma vs. @Vitessa (only Ryzuma’s P1 game)
@Nagibator666 vs. @1NSAN3 (both games)

I’ll contact you in game as well.

Third order of business: I want people’s opinions on adding race restrictions for max number of a certain race you can play during the whole of the group stage. If you pick more than the max number then restart to game if it’s caught within the first 5 rounds. It’ll be an arbitrary number that should make sense, and I’ll probably post a spreadsheet of the number of times each person has played each race if we decide to do this.

Good luck everyone!


I’m waiting around for round three to begin.

Not sure if nagibator plays anymore. It has been 3 months since his last game on osn.

If Tomas is not taking part in the tournament I’ll say give the opponent 2 free wins. He hasn’t won any matches yet. Might not be fair for the guys that actually played against him though. If nagibator is out too that evens it out.

I’m cool with race restrictions. Makes it more fun and challenging.


For me I’d probably be against the race restrictions. Mainly because we do not know in advance what maps we are playing on, the opponent and whether we are P1/P2. Otherwise you might find yourself unknowingly forced into a race pick on a disadvantaged map which I think goes against the idea of this tourney.

I think it would be ok to have a map restriction - i.e as P1 you have to pick a different map each time.

Just my 2c.


Yup it is going to be brambleMaster only.


Just a quick heads up that Ryzuma is dropping out


I agree with @Torbreck
I don’t think we should have race restrictions.

I think you just can kick out afk players. In swiss you normally give a bye to the player with the lowest score(but max one bye until everyone has had one), and they don’t get any Buchholz points so it is the least worth win you can get. It doesn’t do anything bad to the tournament. The only negative thing I see with odd numbers is that one player don’t get to play


I agree as well.


Okay so I’m probably going to go with:

No race restrictions
Give people who afk/leave free wins for this round but kick them out afterwards




I won 2-0 vs random task. Gg buddy well played in both.


My bad on the games. Okay, looks like a couple people got a free win since it looks like you need to delete the participants the round they disappear and not the round after.
Games for Round 3 -
@sdmario vs. @NightOwl
Me vs. @Cmss220
@Lewer gets a bye
@BK_VII gets a bye
@GreatGonzales vs. @HansJoachimAa
@Random_Task gets a bye
@Vitessa vs. @Torbreck
@big_boss vs. @1NSAN3

Good luck and have fun!


I’m inviting “insomniacdoodat” is that your current account name?






Gg @Vitessa



Game 1 with HansJoachim



Game 2 gg


@Doodat is this still active?




Yeah, my games with cmss are heading into late game territory, I’ll ping people to check up on games. Sorry about this, been putting it in the back of my mind for a while now



A very interesting game 2 with hansjoachim, a shame it ended in a timeout.